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Why It Makes Sense to Appoint a Secretary If You Are a Non-UK Resident

Why it makes sense to appoint a nominee secretary if you are a non-UK resident

Company Secretary

Why it makes sense to appoint a nominee secretary if you are a non-UK resident? If you have decided to register a limited company but are not a UK-resident, you might wonder why it pays to ask Coddan about appointing someone to act as your nominee company secretary. There are two key reasons, the first legal and the second administrative.

The legal situation: legally, there are no nationality or residency requirements for people acting as shareholders, directors or officers; and trust or corporate entities may act in any of these three roles.

However, in addition to its one or more directors, any private company may also have an appointed a secretary. In a private company with only one director, that individual cannot also fulfil the role of company secretary, but all legal secretary duties will belong to a sole director of a company. In such cases, if you don't have an individual ready to undertake this role, or are not resident in the United Kingdom and require a signatory within the country, then Coddan as your company formation expert can meet these requirements for you.

The administrative burden: apart from the above stipulation, you could describe the secretary as your company limited by shares administrator. Within this job title, although there is no actual legal stipulation of the role, there are accepted key areas of activity. These are to effectively maintain all statutory registers, complete and file all statutory pro forma and meetings and resolutions.

From the description alone, you will appreciate how it makes good sense to have experienced professionals take the worry of all this "official" activity from your shoulders. We do not become involved in the business affairs of your private company; we will simply act as a suitable counter-signatory to any documents when your require us to do so.

One downside of trading as a limited company: it often makes sound business sense to operate as a limited company. The downside can be having to ensure that you are always fully compliant with the changing complexities of company law. As in any other part of life, this can seem especially worrying when it's a new experience, and you have little knowledge to fall back on. It could equally be that past experience you have enjoyed has now dimmed, and you would like a professional resource.

The simplest solution: you'll now appreciate why it makes sound sense to take advantage of the experienced professional help that Coddan always offer covering the company formation with the nominee company secretary role. To find out more, and to discuss any questions you have, simply email us, or call +44 (0) 330 808 0089 or +44 (0) 207 935 5171.