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Can I Get the Guaranteed VAT Registration Number?

If my company trades within EU countries only, can I get the guaranteed VAT registration number?

Guaranteed VAT Registration Number

If my company trades within EU countries only, can I get the guaranteed VAT registration number? If your limited company is registered in the UK, but you trade only within EU countries (for example with distance sales over the internet to non-business customers, such as members of the public, or to other businesses that are not VAT-registered), you will need to be registered for VAT in the Great Britain if your sales exceed the VAT thresholds of the countries in which you are making sales. You can also register for VAT on a voluntary basis, i.e. before your sales exceed the VAT threshold.

If, after you register for VAT, the customer or private company to whom you sell your goods or services to in the EU is VAT-registered in that country, you will be able to charge VAT at the zero rate; however, you will be expected to account for all instances of VAT, whatever the rate, in your VAT return.

If your private company is VAT registered, but your customers in the EU are not, you must still charge VAT at UK rates in the same way that you would if the sale was in the UK.

How we can help you with limited company start-up and VAT registration: Coddan's business advisers are experienced and skilled in worldwide business practices, so we are confident that we can supply you with the right information to match your company's trading circumstances. We can make the VAT application process simple and pain-free, either using our online system, or the more traditional paper-based system.

When it comes to completing your VAT return in the UK, we are experts in the process, and can advise you on all the relevant required forms that should be completed in order to comply with UK taxation law.

VAT and taxation laws can be complicated and difficult to understand, so here at Coddan, we go out of our way to ensure that you understand the processes fully, to ensure that your company is able to comply fully with all relevant laws in both the UK and the EU.

If you are unsure as to whether or not your business should be VAT registered, please call our advisers on 0330 808 0089 or +44 (0) 207 935 5171 for a one-to-one consultation on the matter.