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Company Start-Up With VAT Registration in Great Britain for Non-UK Clients

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Limited company registration with the VAT number in Great Britain for non-UK clients: using Coddan, it is easier than ever to procure a brand new limited company formation with the VAT registration in the UK, even if you are not resident in the United Kingdom. Making the private company registration a simple process: Coddan specialises in the registration of every kind of company, from sole traders, limited partnerships, to companies limited by guarantee, non-profits companies and LLPs.

Depending on the type of business that you want to register, there are potentially many tax benefits available for non-UK residents when registering  a limited company within the UK. Here at Coddan, a private company registration can take place within a few hours because our system is very straightforward, and our staff are knowledgeable and experienced.

Even if you prefer to register a limited company using the older, paper-based methods of registration, rather than online, we are happy to speak with you on the telephone to take down the details and quickly register your private company.

We also provide additional services following company formation, including the registered office address, a business service address, a SAIL address.

VAT registration for non-UK customers: should you expect your company to have a taxable turnover in excess of £85,000 per year, you will be required to register your company for VAT, £85,000 is currently the UK's threshold for VAT registration.

VAT stands for Value Added Tax, and is charged on the majority of business transactions that take place in the UK, whether those transactions are to other businesses, or to members of the public. There are three rates for VAT in the UK. The standard rate is 20%, the reduced rate (for specific types of product) is 5% and the third rate is 0% or zero rate.

Some products and services are exempt from VAT, and you may not be entirely clear on which category your company is in, which is why our experienced advisers will be able to assist you with decision-making in this area.

Registering a limited company is a very straightforward and simple process with Coddan, because we can help you make the right choices according to the type of company you wish to register. Call our offices now, on +44 (0) 207 637 3881 to discuss your requirements for both company formation with the VAT registration.