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What to Do if the VAT Registration Application Rejected?

What to do if the VAT registration application rejected?

VAT Registration Application

What to do if the VAT registration application rejected? All businesses with a VAT taxable turnover of more than £85,000 per annum must register for VAT with HMRC. The VAT taxable turnover includes the value of any goods or services that are not VAT exempt, as well as other types of supplies, for example, goods or services that businesses exchange or barter.

Common VAT registration issues: businesses can register for VAT in three ways: online, by post, or through an accountant or company formation expert. When registering, they must provide a range of details, including their VAT taxable turnover, business activities and bank details.

A number of issues can occur both before and after VAT registration. These issues present problems for both the businesses concerned and HMRC. If, for example, a business provides a PO Box address or fails to estimate its turnover of taxable supplies, HMRC may delay or reject its registration application.

Outright rejections can have serious consequences for businesses as they cannot charge or show VAT on their invoices until they get their VAT number, but must still pay VAT to HMRC while they resubmit their application and wait for their VAT registration certificate.

Another significant problem is the timing of their VAT registration. Businesses need to be certain that they can register for VAT in a timely manner. If they continue to provide HMRC with incorrect or incomplete information, they may find themselves subject to a late VAT registration penalty. The penalty will depend on the date on which they should have registered for VAT and the amount of VAT due.

Resolving VAT registration problems: businesses turned down for VAT registration may wish to enlist the help of the company formation experts here at Coddan. As a recognised expert, we have years of experience of submitting online VAT application on behalf of businesses small and large.

We understand HMRC's stringent registration requirements inside and out and can fill out all the relevant paperwork, ensuring correct and complete VAT registration. Once registered through us, businesses can start to charge the right amount of VAT and reclaim the VAT on selected purchases made before their effective date of registration.