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What are the benefits of appointing a UK national nominee shareholder?

Company Creation With a Nominee Shareholder

What are the benefits of appointing a UK national nominee shareholder? At Coddan Formations Agency, we have many years' of experience in registering new companies and ensuring they are compliant with UK law. Part of what we do involves the appointment of fit and proper persons or organisations as directors and secretaries.

The law requires that all companies registered in the UK have at least one director, but it is possible to appoint a third party to the position in order to register a new limited company - a move that can deliver several benefits.

If you are registering a private company in the UK from overseas, or you are a foreign national, having a UK citizen appointed to your new company can speed up the process of incorporation. We can provide the names of individuals and ready-made companies to act as nominee shareholders, giving your new company immediate credibility and ensuring it is compliant with UK employment law.

The names of all the shareholders associated with incorporated organisations must be recorded with the new company's statutory registers, as well with Companies House. Anyone wanting access to that information is legally entitled to view it, provided they pay an administration fee. However, you may want your involvement in the organisation to remain anonymous. By appointing a nominee, your name won't appear on any of the official registration documents. This anonymity could be desirable for a number of reasons.

Appointing a nominee shareholder to legally hold your shares in the new private company will allow you to keep your home address private. You may be involved in other businesses with potential competitors of your new company limited by shares, or you may believe that being publicly associated with your new business may harm its commercial prospects. As long as your need for anonymity isn't associated with unethical or illegal behavior, the company registered agents at Coddan Formations Agency can help.

Despite having anonymity, you can still run your new business in any way you see fit, as we will issue a formal resignation letter, signed by the appointed director. We will also provide you with a power of attorney, and a document that allows you to transfer ownership of the shares in your new company any time you want.