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The Power of a Nominee Shareholder to Resign From Your Company

The power of a nominee shareholder to resign from your company

Establish Company With a Nominee Shareholder

The power of a nominee shareholder to resign from your company. Whether you are registering a new limited company from overseas or simply want your involvement in it to remain anonymous, the company registration agents at Coddan Formations Agency can help you to register the type of company that best meets your requirements.

We have helped thousands of new companies to register according to the regulations laid out in the Companies Act 2006, so you can rely on our experience and expertise to give your new organisation the best start possible. One of the ways we help our clients is by appointing nominee shareholders who do nothing other than provide the director's name and contact details.

Every newly registered private company in the UK requires a director and a secretary, and our expert company registered agents can provide both. However, in order to allow you to run your business legally and with complete autonomy, we will make arrangements to transfer executive power back to you when the registration process has been successfully completed. The first stage of this process involves a formal resignation letter from the nominee director.

Once your limited company has been set up and registered with Companies House, and a nominee director has been named, you will need to start running your business and making the necessary decisions. In order to legally give you that power, the nominee shareholder we have appointed will resign. We will formulate a resignation letter, as well as a power of attorney which transfers all executive duties to you. You will need to sign an indemnity letter, however, which ensures that the nominee shareholder isn't held liable for your actions.

By resigning, the nominee shareholder gives you the power to run your company without reproach - whilst remaining anonymous. The nominee remains the person or company that is formally associated with your business. Their name and contact details will be registered with Companies House, but you can still run your business in any way you wish.

This type of arrangement is common where company owners believe their involvement in a new commercial venture could harm its prospects, or where a conflict of interests with existing business partners could occur. By allowing Coddan Formations Agency to appoint nominee shareholders on your behalf, you get to operate your new business whilst remaining anonymous at all times.