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Holding company formation in 5 hours, holding company registration from £52.00

The advantages of registering a holding company in the UK: changes to taxation laws have resulted in the United Kingdom becoming a cost-effective and tax-saving location for holding companies formation. Formation of a holding company in the Great Britain: with these advantages, and ongoing changes likely, it's vital to work with proven experts in holding company incorporation and holding companies registration. Experienced holding company establishment consultants ensure clients to get a practical and adventitious of holding companies incorporation advice with regard to the holding company establishment across the United Kingdom: setting-up of of holding company in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Coddan Formations Agency is able to offer clients setting up of holding companies, and subsidiary company set up services for those businesses which want to create a holding company in England, Wales, incorporate a holding company in Scotland, and establish a holding company in Northern Ireland. Our business experts can guide you through the process, step-by-step, using our holding company formation packages.

Formation of a holding company for UK customers




This holding company formation with Barclays, RBS, Lloyds or NatWest business bank account is for clients, who have an address in the UK, & want to keep it simple, paper free, no hassle or gimmicks.

The following documents will be sending via e-mail upon the registration of a holding company:

    • The certificate of incorporation;
    • The Coddan tailor-made memorandum & articles of association;
    • The free referral to NatWest, RBS, Lloyds or Barclays corporate bank account.



This holding company registration with guaranteed bank account is for people who already have a registered address in UK & require to register a holding company plus extra documentation provided by e-mail & by post.

This holding company registration offer includes all services mentioned in the first option, plus:

  • The meeting of the board of directors;
  • Share certificates & company' registers;
  • The laminated certificate of incorporation (free delivery by post).



This package is for customers who want all the traditional trappings of holding company registration with impressive bound documents.

This offer includes all holding company establishment benefits mentioned in the first & the second options, plus free delivery of:

  • One set of the memorandum and articles of association with a company's registers printed & premium bound;
  • The first meeting of the board of directors, elegant printed shares certificates & of course, the official rubber stamp; & certificate of the beneficial owner.



This holding company formation in London package especially for expatriates & UK residents, who are requiring registering a company with a registered office address in London.

This holding company establishment offer includes all company setting up benefits & items mentioned in the first & the second options, with the addition of:

  • The registered office address in London;
  • The government mail forwarding;
  • The secretarial compliance service & the certificate of the registered office address.

Registration of a holding company for non-British customers




This holding company incorporation in UK package especially for non-UK residents, who are requiring registering a holding company with a legal address in London.

The following items are included into this holding company registration offer:

  • The certificate of incorporation, the memorandum & articles;
  • The company's registers, shares' certificates & meeting of the board of directors;
  • The registered office address;
  • The government mail forwarding & the secretarial compliance service.



This holding company registration is especially for non-UK residents, who are requiring forming a company with a business address in London & a nominee director.

This holding company registration offer includes everything in the first option, together with the advantages of:

  • The provision of a nominee director & the signed power of attorney;
  • The signed, undated resignation letter from a nominee director;
  • The agreement for the provision of the nominee directorship service.



This is one of the most popular holding company registration packages with nominee shareholder, as an additional option to the nominee director.

This holding company formation offer includes everything in the second option, plus the following enhancements:

  • The provision of a nominee shareholder service for one year;
  • The declaration of trust signed by a nominee shareholder;
  • The certificate of the confirmation of a beneficial owner. Bank account is available on request.



This is our most comprehensive holding company formation package with all documents verified by solicitor or notary public & certified by the apostilled stamp or apostille seal affixed.

This holding company registration includes everything in the third option, plus:

  • The certification of all corporate documents including a power of attorney by practicing solicitor or notary public & the final verification of all company' documents by an Apostille seal.
  • Coddan will supply corporate and attorney-in-law rubber stamps.

Establish a holding company in the UK, register a holding company in London, Edinburgh or in Belfast!

Holding company registration in UK: one of the key reasons for the registration of an advantageous and competitive environment is that the majority of both share disposals and dividends received are now exempt from tax. Of course, there are some exemptions to this, and certain requirements do need to be met. The knowledgeable team at Coddan Formations Agent will be happy to explore these with you. Reformation is also under way regarding the taxation of both offshore finance and overseas-controlled companies, where they were previously subject to UK tax. It's increasingly possible that both will eventually benefit from extremely low tax rates.

Establish a holding company in England: a holding company here can benefit from their parent/subsidiary and interest and royalties directives. Two key advantages are: allowing dividends to be paid to a UK holding company free of any withholding tax on shareholdings above 10%; company to receive interest from any EU member states, providing the UK holding company has a minimum of 25% of the shares in the EU company which pays the interest.

Another positive is the extensive network of treaties the UK can access, including double tax treaties with countries like the USA and China - which can significantly reduce withholding tax on dividends. It is also possible that, in future, overseas branches may be exempt from UK tax. In addition, that interest expenses on funding for share acquisitions can be tax deductible, so why not register a holding company in United Kingdom?

Coddan Formations Agency have this experience and can also help with the appointment of a nominee secretary and directors, provision of a registered office in London, VAT registration, trademark registration in UK and in EU, the issue of subscriber shares, and other key areas. To discuss your specific requirements about UK holding company establishment with one of our expert holding company start-up team, simply call +44 (0) 330 808 0089 or + 44 (0) 207 935 5171.

Benefits to establishing a holding company in the United Kingdom
Uses of holding companies, benefits of holding company start-up with Coddan

Holding Company Formation in UK

Setting up a holding company in UK: is the United Kingdom a good place to register a holding company? The short answer to this often-asked question is "yes". There are a range of reasons for this to be seen as a positive decision to open a holding company in United Kingdom. The recent return to the country of a number of holding companies who had previously moved elsewhere suggests a change in both government attitude and behaviour. It's also the case that the largest number of new holding companies being incorporated throughout Europe over the last few years has been in this country.

Coddan Formations Agency does not hide any fees from our consumers, because the price of a holding company startup in London, Edinburgh or in Belfast transparency is essential to us. Our holding companies incorporation service' fees and holding company post-formation fees are provided to our customers upfront.

Subsidiary companies incorporated in an EU country may pay dividends to its UK holding company which will not be penalised for withholding tax in the originating country if the EU subsidiary Directive applies. If this fails, the dividend may still qualify through one of the UK's double taxation treaties. Holding companies registered in Great Britain benefit from relief for foreign taxes through the EU Directive, under the terms of a treaty, or unilaterally if neither applies. This usually means no liability for UK corporation tax on the holding company. Dividends paid by a holding company, and dividends received by a company from another UK based limited company are exempt from corporation tax. An exemption from capital gains tax applies on any shares disposal by the holding company.

What is a holding company?

Forming a Holding Company in UK

A holding company is an individual legal entity that exists in order to own or "hold" assets. These assets can be anything that has value, so although stocks and shares in other companies are very commonly owned by holding companies, there are many other asset forms which can also be held. These other assets might include trademarks, brand names, and patents; private equity funds and hedge funds; traded public stocks; bonds; real estate and property; and even creative rights, such as to songs, books, or films.

With regards to the ownership of shares, a registered holding company can own 100% of the shares of a private company or limited liability partnership, or another corporation. In many cases a holding company may own several companies that each form a part of a much larger international group. In these circumstances, the holding company exists in order to protect the assets from each other, and ultimately to protect the profits from loss in the face of disaster.

For example, in the chemical industry, a single holding company may own subsidiary companies that in turn own several patents and brand names pertaining to particular products. They might also own the manufacturing companies that produce these products. If one or more of the manufacturing companies go bankrupt, the subsidiary companies will be unaffected by this, and the holding company will still own the brand names and the patents. This enables the business to re-establish itself quickly, and without further losses.

Be aware of a holding company registration: by definition, a holding company does not conduct business operations, although where it owns the majority of shares in a public or limited company, it may choose to provide executive oversight of that company, informing the corporate policies by which it functions. Generally, however, the holding company formation does not have an everyday role in any of its investments. These are run by their own management teams, and many holding companies act as merely passive investors.

The British holding company incorporation packages we provide include registration of the holding company with Companies House, the appointment of directors and a company secretary, the issue of subscriber shares, the provision of a registered office address in London, setting-up holding company in Scotland, establish holding company in Northern Ireland, and assistance with opening a business bank account. We also provide the completion of AGM and EGM minutes and resolutions, a tax review that looks at the formation of the holding company, VAT registration, and a series of post-incorporation services for your convenience.

If you would like to know more about the holding company registration services provided by Coddan Formations Agency, please telephone our business consultants on +44 (0) 330.808.0089 or +44 (0) 207.935.5171 to discuss your requirements to establish a holding company in London, Edinburgh, Belfast, or register a holding company in Liverpool or Manchester.