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Benefits of a Holding Company Registration Online in the UK

Benefits of a holding company registration with Coddan

Holding Company

Benefits of a holding company registration with Coddan: a holding company is a vehicle used by people to manage a number of other companies. It holds shares in them and is used to supervise all the companies' operations. Coddan has many years of experience in registration of holding companies in the UK, and our clients benefit from our knowledge and skills so that the holding company they get is correctly registered and fully statutory compliant.

Under British law, holding companies that receive dividends from subsidiaries that are located overseas get tax relief in the form of exemption from UK corporation taxes that's equal to the amount of overseas withholding tax on dividends as well as foreign tax on overseas profits. Combined with a low controlling stock requirement, this means that owners of a UK holding company can enjoy considerable financial advantages.

In addition, if the holding company in the UK has an annual turnover of less than 10 million euros and fewer than 50 employees, all taxes on dividends from subsidiaries are exempt, and there are no capital gains taxes in the UK in the event that a subsidiary is sold.

If you are a non-resident shareholder and you sell shares in a holding company registered in the Great Britain, you will not be subject to capital gains tax, and dividends to the holding company from subsidiaries in the United Kingdom are exempt from corporation tax. At Coddan, we can guide you through the process of of your own holding company registration, and ensure that you get the best advice before proceeding. Our expert staff are on hand to talk to you about your needs.

We offer fast and low-priced means of holding companies registration, and many can be completed within just 24 hours. Our fees start from only £52.00 for the holding corporation start-up package and the application is done online via our website and then sent for processing to Companies House. When the process is complete, you receive all the necessary legal documentation for your records.

We provide a number of other services for the registration of a holding company, such as a registered office address, which can also be greatly beneficial to firms. Rounding out our comprehensive services are a range of administrative facilities, including taxation and bookkeeping. We can help with the holding company registration with the appointment of the UK professioanl secretary, holding company registration and certification of a holding company documents by an Apostille stamp, or by a Foreign Embassy or Counsulate; we can also help non-residents with the holding company registration with bank accounts. If you need to register a holding company in the UK and get the bookkeeping and/or accounting services, we can also help.