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Post-registration services for UK holding companies

Businesses decide to set up registered holding companies in the UK for a number of reasons, and many of them relate to ongoing benefits for taxation purposes. After the registration of one of these companies by Coddan, the professional levels of service continue with support and advice from our legal representatives, and many of their clients choose to request their insights on a regular basis. The formation of a holding company is just the first stage - the real benefits come with the proper administration of this aspect of a business.

The necessary paperwork is drafted at the outset to ensure that the true business owners are in full control at all times, but the our representative remains visible in the official holding company records.

In a similar manner, a dedicated address for the holding company formation can be provided that is located away from the main place of business, and this means that correspondence can be dealt with off-site without affecting the everyday running of the holding company. Unwanted business visits are also avoided with this system.

From a practical perspective, Coddan can assist new companies with the opening of a new bank account. Taxation benefits are a major aspect of a holding company formation, but this process needs to be handled with the highest possible levels of expertise to remain both viable and legal.

Our experience allows our to perform a thorough tax analysis of a holding company, and this will enable a business to proceed in a clear and defined direction towards tax efficiency.

After these initial stages, we can also provide the expert bookkeeping and accountancy services, leaving business leaders free to take care of the tasks that really matter to the growth of an enterprise. Auditing services are also available, and this assistance can be vital for businesses that need to fulfil specific compliance and reporting demands.