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Legal Requirements of Setting-Up a Company in Republic of Ireland

Legal requirements of setting-up a company in Republic of Ireland

Registering a Company in Republic of Ireland

Legal requirements of setting-up a company in Republic of Ireland: Éire is one of the most famously business-friendly countries in the world and that, combined with low corporate tax, has attracted some of the world's biggest companies to its shores. There are still legal requirements for registration of a private company in the Republic of Ireland, though, and if you don't know where to start then Coddan Formations Agency can help.

Google, PayPal, eBay and more call Ireland home thanks to the 12.5% corporate tax, as well as the ease of doing business. So Irish private company registration is remarkably simple. You can register an Irish company with just one director who lives anywhere in the European Economic Area.

Please bear in mind, that to set-up a company in Ireland you need to have at least one director one secretary (separate person) and a shareholder (who can be a company director), and your director needs to be the EU resident, or resident of Republic of Ireland. In the case, if none of your directors are EU or Irish residents, you need to pay the insurance bond, and in such situation, your business entity cannot be decided as the local company for the tax-purpose.

To register the private company in Ireland you need a constitution, as well as other basic documents that can be drafted on your behalf as part of an Irish company registration package. You also need a company secretary, as well as one shareholder.

Once the documents are filed electronically, the Irish limited company can be up and running within 24 hours and you can start trading. Then it's a matter of keeping records, preparing your annual accounts, ideally with the help of a professional accountant who can ensure that your books are prepared to a level that the Office of Revenue Commissioners will be happy to receive.

Doing business in Ireland is a relatively simple matter and if you have registered a limited company in the United Kingdom, or done business in other more officious states, then you'll find things easy in the Emerald Isle. So if you're tempted to follow Google, PayPal and more and embark on registration of a company in Ireland, get in touch with Coddan and see how we can help you to setting-up an Irish company today.