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Post Companies Starting-Up Services in the Republic of Ireland

Post companies starting-up services in the Republic of Ireland

Irish Companies Registrar

Post companies starting-up services in the Republic of Ireland: if you are looking to register a company in the Republic of Ireland, then you need to know you can access the right support to make sure the administration side of the business will run smoothly. We can help with a wide range of post companies start-up services that will make your life that little bit easier.

For a start, Coddan can provide a prestigious registered address that you can use on your business correspondence, to give the impression that you are based in one of the finest streets in the capital city. You don't even need an office when you’re incorporating an Irish company, you can simply give the right impression without spending the money on rent.

Even if your business runs from a bedroom in England or France, you can do business from the centre of Dublin. Commonly called a SAIL address, this will help with your Irish company formation and is a point of contact for the Office of the Revenue Commissioners.

During the incorporation of an Irish company limited by shares, you may well want to open a business account with a reputable Irish bank. We can help with the application process and take more red tape off your hands.

Bookkeeping and accounting can also be a headache we can help with. The Irish system has its own quirks and indeed it has loopholes that a local accountant can exploit better than most foreign accountants ever could. So if you need some local assistance with the numbers, Coddan can provide an Irish bookkeeper and accountant to take care of the administration.

We can help with the payroll if you take on staff, and we can also assist with company dissolution if you choose to restructure your business or simply walk away at any time. Coddan's services don't end with the Irish private company start up, that's where we start helping our clients. So if you want to know what we can do for you once your limited company is up and running, get in touch today.