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Why a Secretary is Still Worthwhile for Irish Companies

Why a secretary is still worthwhile for Republic of Ireland companies

Register Irish Company

Why a nominee secretary is still worthwhile for Republic of Ireland companies: at Coddan, we provide full Irish company registration services for anyone wanting to set up a company in the Republic of Ireland. This includes some aspects you may not have thought of initially but which could help to make your operation in Éire run even more smoothly. Having a local secretary in place who can act as an authorised signatory is something well worth considering.

What this means in effect is that as well as enjoying the benefits of establishing a limited company in the Republic of Ireland, you can have someone on the ground who can take care of all the necessary red tape, such as statutory registers, meetings and resolutions, and ensuring that all the accounts and reports are filed on time with the local authorities, on an annual basis.

Administrative tasks: to be clear, registration of an Irish company with a secretary does not mean we're involved in the running of your limited company in Éire.

The sole function of a secretary is to carry out a few, limited administrative tasks that cannot be done by a director under company law. Secretary service will be especially beneficial to sole traders, or any smaller enterprise whose directors want to save the expense of appointing a company secretary.

At Coddan, we've been providing our secretary service to clients for many years and can have everything set up in no time at all. The necessary forms can be completed on-line and we can then register the private company details in the Republic of Ireland.

With a nominee secretary in place, you are free to concentrate on growing your business. If you want to find out more about a new Irish company registration with a secretarial service, or for any further advice, don't hesitate to speak to one of our business advisors today.