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Why Should You Establish a Company in the Republic of Ireland?

Why should you establish a company in the Republic of Ireland?

Irish Company Registration

Why should you establish a company in the Republic of Ireland? Compared to anywhere else in Europe or globally, registering a private company and registering it in the Republic of Ireland makes sound business sense for several reasons.

1) A pro-business environment. According to the 2008-2012 Business Environment Banking report, published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Ireland was rated 11-th out of 82 countries as being the most attractive location for a limited company registration due to its political stability and respected regulatory regime.

2) Minimal share capital and ease of registration. Incredibly, the minimum issued share capital required to register an Irish company (limited by shares) is only €1.00! irish limited company registration and establishment can be concluded in just one to five days from the date incorporation papers are lodged. Furthermore, private company registration in Ireland does not necessitate the opening of a bank account during the company startup process.

3) Highly favourable taxation. By far the cheapest corporate tax rate applies in the Republic of Ireland at a mere 12.5%, which applies to all corporate trading profits. This compares to a rate of 26% in the UK; 28.80% in Luxembourg; 30.20% in Germany and 33.33% in France.

4) Ease of administration. Once the company limited by shares has been registered, any subsequent changes can easily be recorded in the Companies Registration Office without the requirement of a notary public in attendance or the re-execution of deeds, as mandatory in the rest of the EU.

There are many more excellent reasons the registration of a company limited by shares in the Republic of Ireland is so advantageous to business. The whole process can be swift and straightforward, using company start-up expert Coddan. Bypassing bureaucracy, we deal directly with Companies Registration Office to ensure private limited companies are registered in the fastest possible time - often in a matter of a couple of days - and with the minimum of fuss.

How to create a private company in Ireland?

How to Register a Private Company in Ireland

If you want to take advantage of the low corporate tax regime that has attracted some of the world's leading companies to base themselves in the Republic of Ireland, then you too can enjoy the benefits of registering a private company in the Emerald Isle. Of course you can take care of the paperwork yourself, or you can enlist the help of Coddan Formations Agency who can take all the hard work off your hands.

The Republic of Ireland is a seriously attractive place for the registration of a company limited by shares thanks to the corporate tax rate of 12.5%. Google, PayPal and a whole host of financial services have set up shop in Ireland and have complex tax structures that span the world. You don't need to be a multinational company to register here, but you do need to understand the complexities or have someone on hand who does.

Essentially you can registration a limited company or a designated activities company, with most people preferring the flexibility of a full limited company. You need just one director with a limited company, compared to two for a DAC, and the director has to be a resident of the European Economic Area that includes the EU, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

With a drafted constitution, and the correct paperwork that comes with a company establishment package, you can get to work and start trading immediately. Unlike some offshore destinations you will need to file accurate tax returns and ensure that the paperwork is available for inspection at any time. Ireland understands the value of offshore business, and so makes filing returns a painless process.

Here at Coddan, we can help you with the red tape and get your ordinary or designated activities Irish company registration organised within 24 hours, so get in touch today and let us help you do business.