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Post formation services for joint venture company: a joint venture company has the potential to offer two significant advantages - they are: tax and profit. If a joint venture enterprise runs as a partnership then profits are shared between partners, but they are usually distributed as dividends. Another advantage in registering a joint venture company in the UK is that it does not normally need approval from the relevant authorities. Only if there is a large market share, of around 25 percent, does it runs the risk of investigation by the Office of Fair Trading, due to it having the potential to stifle competition. As a result it would not be permitted by competition law to form.

Confidentiality is a vital factor where joint ventures are concerned. Maintaining privacy is best secured by signing a confidentiality agreement with the other party. To mitigate against risk it pays to include details on how any potential conflicts are to be resolved within the agreement. These potential conflicts include solutions on what to do if the joint venture is ever dissolved. It pays to get professional advice before signing a joint venture agreement. By doing so you avoid missing any details that have the potential to cause problems in the future. Coddan's team of experts can give you full guidance on how to deal with joint ventures.

Coddan is able to make the procedure of registering a joint venture company in United Kingdom a simple one. Coddan is able to offer further complementary services. For example, a joint venture company will need a UK business bank account established before it begins to trade. We can offer the whole package, by opening the bank account, and offering assistance with annual returns, as well as submitting your joint venture LTD' annual accounts with both Companies House and HMRC.

We can also provide further expertise, by providing you with a registered office address, SAIL service address, and a business service address. It then is able to check your corporate documents with an authentication stamp. It is also able to offer non-UK customers a great deal of additional services where joint ventures are concerned. You can get in touch with us now to either discuss your joint venture company registration options, or just to find out exactly how it could go about registering your joint venture firm. Whatever your situation, Coddan's expertise can steer you through the finer of points of successfully starting a joint venture enterprise.