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The Procedure of Starting Up a Joint Venture Company

The procedure of starting up a joint venture company

Benefits of Forming a Joint Venture Company

The procedure of starting up a joint venture company: entering into an agreement with another limited company for the purposes of a new venture can be challenging, because you do not want to cause any disturbances to your existing operation. That's why you need to have the benefit of the years of experience and expertise of a company formation expert like Coddan. Our seasoned business consultants can advise at every step along the way of starting up of a joint venture company, telling you what you need to know to make informed decisions before registration of a joint venture company and signing agreements and contracts.

We offer tailored packages to clients wishing to register a joint venture enterprise, starting at just £24.99 for those wishing to register a joint venture firm for that purpose, or £71.99 for two limited entities who want to join together. We also offer packages in which joint venture companies are established with joint venture shareholders' agreement, as well as registering a joint venture company with an official registered office address in London.

When the joint venture LTD registration process is complete you will receive all of the statutory documents, including the certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association. We have a range of other services available, such as mail forwarding from official registered office addresses that we provide for joint venture company registration, and clients can also swiftly get a corporate business bank account if they desire one.

When you're properly register as a joint venture company in the United Kingdom you will be able to engage in business projects with other firms. It means there will be greater scope for advancing your firm's operations, in terms of work and hopefully profits, by collaborating with another firm without actually merging with them.

At the outset, in discussing a potential joint venture with another private company, there are several main areas that must be covered. It's beneficial to talk to us beforehand so that you're fully aware of what needs to be covered - this ranges from pensions to share structures to intellectual property, and you must decide on the new venture's employees: what staff from which businesses will be involved in it.

It's important that these matters are worked out in advance so that difficulties and potential disputes do not arise later, leaving all parties free to get on with the business of the venture and not wasting time dealing with problems that should have been agreed at the beginning.

You will need to agree with the various parties to the new joint venture company that all are responsible for any losses that might occur, as well as profits resulting from the business. Also, as not everyone involved will have the same skills, expertise or interest, it's important to decide who will look after the various areas or departments of the joint venture company, such as sales, marketing, research and so on.

When this is all worked out and agreed, we can devise a joint venture agreement and articles of association that will detail what the new operation will be about, the type of business it will engage in, which parties will do what, the financing of the venture and how to resolve any disputes, among other matters. If you need an assistance with joint venture company registration, you can also speak to our business advisers between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).