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How to Register a Limited Company in Liverpool?

How to register a limited company in Liverpool?

Registering a Limited Company in Liverpool

How to register a limited company in Liverpool? If you're thinking of starting a limited company in Liverpool, or establish a private company there, then Coddan can help you with everything, from a company limited by shares start-up in Liverpool through to tax advice - and you'll be in fine limited company.

Every year thousands of people decide to take the plunge and become their own boss. It's an empowering moment and can go on to become the first day of the rest of your life, but only if you get the planning right or let the professionals take care of it for you. If you're thinking of starting up a business, then, or even if you already have, contact us for expert advice.

When you're registering business in Liverpool there will be a number of options at your disposal. Do you actually need to register a limited company or would you be better served with sole trader status, or even something more complex like an LLP in Liverpool, or a public company or non-profit company?

These are just the start, there are so many questions you’ll be dizzy before long, but we have faced these and other questions before, so can give you the best answer on the most tax efficient structure. Let us take this off your hands so you spend your valuable time focusing on your business, rather than how it's put together. We can take care of all the difficult work, or you can try and do it yourself. Many of Coddan's clients started to do it themselves, before realising the workload involved.

The first part of private firm registration is to conduct a company name search, which will help you check that the company or trade mark you were thinking of is not already is use elsewhere. Coddan's name checker service directly searches the Companies House database and checks the index of all live UK private and public companies and those that have dissolved in the previous 12 months. That means you won't invest valuable time registering a brand identity that you then cannot use.

Then you need to get into the company structure and further limited company registration. Companies House has made the whole process simpler in recent years, so it is possible to register online yourself. But for full peace of mind that goes with knowing you have made the right decision and the paperwork is right, you can rely on Coddan to ensure the paperwork goes through without the slightest hitch. We can also offer off-the-shelf companies and VAT registration, which would take several days to set up on your own, and a variety of other business solutions you might not even have considered.

Because how would you like to have a prestigious business address in Liverpool, rather than print your home address on correspondence? With a registered office address in Liverpool, you can do just that. So if you want to take things one step further and start a business, get in touch with the limited company registration experts Coddan for more information.