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Keeping Documents at the Legal Address, and Assistance with VAT Inspections

Keeping your documents at the legal address, and assistance with VAT inspections

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Keeping your documents at the legal address, and assistance with VAT inspections: here at Coddan we know that many of the legalities within business operation in the UK can be fraught with complexities and sometimes a lack of clarity. That's why our team of experts are available to help make things easier for companies. One of the ways in which we do this is by the provision of a legal registered or SAIL address.

UK law stipulates that private companies must make available their statutory records for inspection by the tax authority or the government for at least 2 hours per day between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on working days only. This availability must take place at the company's registered address, and that address must have the facilities to make the required documentation available for inspection.

It may seem like a simple requirement, but it can be awkward for those companies whose registered office address is the same as their trading address, especially if the location is small in size. An inspection can cause a large amount of disruption in these cases, for both employees and customers.

For those companies that may have difficulty in supplying the correct documentation at their registered address in the event of an inspection, Coddan can offer a prestigious address, such as Baker Street, London, or in Manchester, Liverpool or Edinburgh, as either a registered office or SAIL address.

Our facilities include the ability to provide the official documentation that registered companies are legally obliged to produce, and the name of the company will be included on sign on the external walls of the building, visible to the public.

This means that if a company is given notice of a VAT inspection or another government-based or tax inspection, Coddan is able to produce the relevant documents, and make them available for officials.

We also provide accounting and bookkeeping services to ensure that all financial information is kept up to date and legal. Our advisers have specialisms in taxation, business, company formation and a host of legal aspects of business, and we are available during office hours to assist you with your business needs and ambitions. Call us on +44(0) 207 935 5171 (landline) or 0330 808 0089 for a full consultation.