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Post-Formation Services for Limited Companies in Manchester

Post-formation services for limited companies in Manchester

Post-Formation Services

Post-formation services for limited companies in Manchester: at Coddan, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional private companies registration services that get businesses off to the best possible start. While that forms the basis of who we are, our help doesn't stop when you finally receive your new limited company's registration documents. Utilising several years' of experience in registration of new businesses, we offer a myriad of post-formation services that are designed to support a new commercial venture in those critical early days.

Registering a new private company is only the first stage of starting an operational entity. Our expert business start-up experts have a full understanding of UK tax law, and they can advise on the best way to approach the issue. We can also help with the VAT registration process - which can be complex and confusing at times. Whether you require practical assistance or help and advice, you can rely on us to guide you through the minefields of starting a business.

As part of our commitment to delivering help and guidance for fledgling companies in the United Kingdom, we offer a wide range of services. If you are unsure about the British bank system, we can open a business account in your new limited company's name. If you are uncertain about the British tax system, we can act as an expert with HMRC on your behalf. 

Forming a new company in Manchester should represent the beginning of a new era - filled with excitement and expectation for the future. However, it is important to give it your full attention through those early stages of its life. By enlisting the post-registration services of Coddan, you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your commercial venture is getting the best possible advice and support.

The benefits of registering a limited company, even if you work elsewhere, are that with Coddan's prestigious office location you can keep your private and professional lives separate. Coddan has expertise in private company registration, with the range of limited companies start-up packages in Manchester that have no strings attached.

Coddan can help to incorporate a company in Manchester, register a private limited companies, producing professional corporate documents, as well as providing a registered Manchester address. In addition, We can help with: -

  • Altering a company name in Manchester
  • Expediting adjustment of a company name in Manchester in just 24 hours
  • Changing details of a registered address or SAIL inspection service address in Manchester
  • Altering details of the company's members and directors
  • Providing service address in Manchester for company directors and shareholders
  • Nominating new company directors and secretary
  • Resigning any existing company directors
  • Carrying out the filing of company's annual return in Manchester
  • Preparing and filing a company's annual account with both Companies House and HMRC
  • Opening corporate bank accounts in the UK
  • Filing any late annual returns
  • Filing any late annual accounts in Manchester
  • Maintaining the company's records and registers at a registered office address in Manchester
  • Changing a company accounting reference date
  • Support with company dissolution in Manchester
  • Assistance with company restoration service in Manchester

If your limited company registered in Manchester faced to pay fines for the non-filing of the annual accounts, we can help to prepare the year end annual account and submit it with the Companies House and HMRC, and we can assist to pay outstanding penalties from your private company name behalf. This company post-incorporation service is very helpful and practical for overseas customers who are running their limited companies in Manchester from outside of the United Kingdom. In the case if you are not happy or not satisfied with your current service provider, you can transfer your limited company under our management, and we will take care about your further duties, including filing of annual returns and annual account on time.

If you are locating outside of the Great Britain, the post-incorporation services for your limited company can costs your hundreds, or sometimes thousands of euros. When you are receiving bills, you always tried to find the cost-effective expert, who can serve your particular company needs and satisfy with your business requirements; if you are not happy with your local business formation provider, to switch the company registered expert services to Coddan? One simple phone call does not cost you too much, let's see, maybe we can be more cost saving than your current registration expert.