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The registered office address for non-trading (dormant) or for trading companies in London

Provision Registered Address

Registered office address for trading & non-trading (dormant) companies: if you are unable to fulfil the minimum legal requirements to register a company with your own address,, then we can offer a new company formation with registered office address. However, it is important to realise that our services, and the fees for these services, are different depending on the type of private company you are hoping to register.

Please take into consideration that the higher fees for the active companies will cover the cost of numerous additional provisions that do not apply to dormant companies. For example, the registered address service for active companies will include display of your company name in our reception area so that any visitors that have business with your company can clearly identify it.

Also, if you are a trading company, it is often common for government authorities from Companies House or the Inland Revenue to do surprise inspections, or to investigate the records of your limited company (which we keep electronic files of). This is an issue that will not apply to dormant companies as they will not have traded. If someone comes to our office to inspect your company records, we will need to aid this person in their duties, which can take a few hours at a time.

We can offer our clients that are thinking of registering a trading company using the provision of our registered office address numerous benefits. As we have the physical office address in London (not just a PO Box like other service providers), we can arrange for your clients to come and visit you here if they have any queries regarding your business. You can simple and easy start setup a new business with businesses registered address in London.

By taking the provision of our registered office address, this does not cover any fees if you wish for Coddan to legally represent you in any separate matters. If you would like to appoint us as your tax expert, please check the section Registration with Inland Revenue.

A dormant company will not have to concern itself with many of the issues and regulations that accompany a trading company, and we are therefore able to offer dormant companies a cheaper fee.

If you are going to establish a trading entity, you will need to ensure that the name of the company is visible to the general public; otherwise you could come under severe scrutiny and incur penalties from courts, Companies House, and the Inland Revenue. For this reason, we strongly advise our clients to do their research on the issue, even if they are considering registering with another service provider.

Many formation agencies in the United Kingdom operate from home and may not always be physically able to display the company names required, and therefore you will risk trouble at a later date if you decide to use them as your registered office address and service provider.

Remember, if a company formation agent is offering the provision of a registered office address, you must check whether they will be fulfilling the legal requirements by displaying your company name on their premises. Otherwise, you are leaving yourself open to numerous fines, as the director of a limited company will be the person responsible for its negligence.

Another thing to be wary of is if you are planning to use your house address as the registered office address. As you will need to have some form of identification for your private company’s name that is visible to the general public, you must check whether you need permission from the landlord or council in order to do so. Some housing contracts and tenant agreements strictly forbid the use of their property for business purposes, and therefore you will be breaking the law by going against this contract, whilst disobeying the Companies Act.

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Additional information

The registered office address service in London from us is available for new and existing customers. If you need to register a company & do not have a valid legal service address in the UK, we can form a company and provide registered office address. If you have an existent company, and need to change the address, we can do it for you within an hour. We can accept letters and parcels. You can send us important business correspondence with instructions to whom & where we should post it, and we will do the rest.

It is, therefore, far easier to simply allow us to set-up of a company with the registered address in London as we can meet all the legal requirements on your behalf, which allows you to concentrate on the business at hand. If you are at any time confused by the process or wish to ask further questions regarding the matter, you can come to the office or simply call and speak to one of our advisers today.