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Appointment of a public company directors

Registering a Public Company in Republic of Ireland

Appointment of a public company directors: if you're looking to register a public company in the Republic of Ireland and want to appoint a director, we can help with free consultation, online Irish PLC company registration and more.

The Republic of Ireland offers a number of advantages for those looking to establish a public limited company, including a standard corporation tax rate of just 12.5%. The country offers a number of other tax incentives, such as no capital duty on public company registration and exemption from exit charges when you relocate the company to another EU member state.

Ireland's legal system is based on Common Law, too, rather than Civil Law. This provides a far greater amount of freedom when it comes to agreeing contracts, as the two parties can agree their own terms and are not bound by sweeping legislation that is already in place.

This has attracted a number of global corporations, including: Apple, Google, PayPal, Microsoft and eBay. If you want to join these titans of modern industry and take advantage of Ireland's business-friendly regime then we can help you through the maze with free consultation that will help you with the formation of a public company in the most cost-effective and tax-efficient way. So you can register a public company in the Republic of Ireland and begin trading, often within 3-5 days.

As with any country, the Republic of Ireland has its own specific legislation that can prove confusing, including the option to register a public company limited by shares or by guarantee. We can help you through the process and our expert advisors will ensure you have the best advice on which to base your decisions.

In the Republic of Ireland a public company must have at least two directors, one of whom must reside in the European Economic Area.

If you do not have a director based in the EEA then a security bond of more than €25,000 must be paid (we are charging £1,900 for the Insurance Bond). You may, however, avoid this charge by simply nominating a director based in Ireland. You may simply prefer to nominate a director in any case and we can help you source and appoint a nominee director. If you wish to register as a director in the Republic of Ireland, or appoint a nominee, we can help at every stage of the incorporation process.