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How to establish a public company in the Republic of Ireland

Register a Public Company in Republic of Ireland

How to establish a public company in the Republic of Ireland? It is little surprise to find that more and more UK business people are choosing the Republic of Ireland as a destination in which to register a public company. With the almost unique combination of very low corporation tax, highly advantageous business laws, a greatly skilled workforce and convenient geographic location, it truly is a winner on all counts. This guide will take you through the main issues related to formation of a company in Ireland and the key benefits in doing so.

What you will need: to register a public company in the Republic of Ireland, you will need surprisingly little. In fact, for those used to the red tape and bureaucracy of the United Kingdom, the process will be a breath of fresh air. All you will require is a single shareholder, two directors and a company secretary. The latter can also double as one of the directors. You will require a single agent to operate in country, plus an office at an Irish address.

How you will benefit: there are numerous advantages to choosing Ireland when you forming a public company. These include: -

Superb tax rates: with ultra-low 12.8% corporation tax, superb tax credits on Research and Development and tax relief on acquisition of intellectual property, the Republic of Ireland brings together an impressive collection of tax breaks for public companies.

A sophistication unlike many other "tax havens": while there are plenty of states that have structured their financial systems to attract business from companies looking to minimise their tax spend, few have economies and tax regulation as sophisticated as that found in the Republic of Ireland. In particular, the Irish system has been constructed with the concerns of financial, medical and technology operations in mind.

A great place to do business: thanks to a world class education system, the Irish workforce is extremely strong. That, alongside superb standards of living, great trade links with powerful economies across the world and intelligent business regulation, makes it a really easy place to develop your business.

Registering a public company in the Republic of Ireland is a smart move for the British entrepreneur that wants to lower their tax while enjoying the stability of operating in a well regulated system. Here at Coddan, we have been helping people just like you to register PLC companies in the Republic of Ireland for years. Contact one of our experienced business start-up agents today to find out more about this great opportunity.