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Public company creation with nominee officers

Open Public Company in Republic of Ireland

Irish public company creation with nominee officers: registering a public company in the South of Ireland using the expertise of Coddan couldn't be any easier or cost-effective, and our nominee service means you don't even have to have the required number of personnel to propose as PLC company officers, because we'll use our own.

Under Irish company law, all PLC companies must have at least two directors and one secretary, and one of the directors must live in the European Economic Area, which is made up of 28 countries. Additionally, for public companies being registered in the Republic of Ireland, it's required that there be a minimum of seven members, for public companies limited by guarantee and also public limited companies.

You may already have your officers ready to nominate for your new public company registration in the Republic of Ireland, but it's worthwhile considering a nominee service such as ours. That's because when you use nominees to establish a PLC company, it provides a high level of confidentiality in the marketplace. When rival firms enter a market, naturally all competitors will scrutinise it and try to find out who is behind the operation.

It can also be the case that our clients just don't have the number of personnel to propose for public company positions, and that's where our nominee service is invaluable. We guarantee our nominees won't have any actual control over your public company, because they will be associated with it in name only and won't be involved in its running. If you wish to change the nominees to your own people, you can do so at any time you want.

Our online Irish public company registration form allows our clients to make their application with ease, and you can choose to use our nominee service at this stage. Once we have your details, we'll get in touch with the Companies Registration Office in Dublin and get the process started.

Our expert PLC company creation staff are available to answer any of your questions about registering a public company in the Republic of Ireland, including more details about our nominee service. Contact us now and we'll give you a free consultation.