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Tax advantages to establish a PLC public company in South of Ireland

Public Company Formations in Republic of Ireland

Tax advantages to establish a PLC public company in South of Ireland: when most UK entrepreneurs think of establishing businesses offshore, they instantly think of financial jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands or Belize. And yet, much, much closer to home, there is a state that offers superb tax benefits and business opportunities for those seeking to make the most from public company registration in the Republic of Ireland. Not only that, registering in the South of Ireland sidesteps many of the potential drawbacks of other, so-called, tax havens. Superb tax laws for companies: -

Low corporation tax: a cornerstone of the Irish economy is its extremely low corporation tax. At just 12.5%, it competes with many of the world's most popular jurisdictions for offshore public company registration. So, if you want to maximise your profits without going too far afield, there are few more attractive options.

Great benefits: Irish law is packed full of loopholes and provisos that benefit companies, including excellent credits on cash expended for Research and Development, tax relief on developing Intellectual Property and zero capital duty payable upon formation of your business.

All the benefits of EU membership: unlike many other financial jurisdictions utilised to maximise profits and lower tax, the Republic of Ireland is an EU member state. In fact, it has been a key player in the EU for more than 30 years. This allows you to take full advantage of the ever-expanding tax treaty networks in the EU, and avoid costly exit charges should you decide to change company residence to another EU nation.

Transfer your workforce at lower taxation: when you choose the Republic of Ireland for public company registration, you can transfer foreign employees to Ireland at a remittance basis of taxation. Not only that, your highest earners could be liable for refund relief.

Limited Company Formation in Ireland

Limited company formation in Ireland

A favourable tax regime and a culture generally supportive of business enterprise make the Republic of Ireland an extremely attractive base for a European, regional or intermediate private company. Registration of a limited company in the Republic of Ireland is an administrative chore which can easily eat into your time and cause delays. Why not place this process in the hands of Coddan, who have years of experience of the Irish system and its pitfalls?

As you can see, there are lots of good reasons to choose the Republic of Ireland if you are looking for a location to register a company to lower your tax. If you do choose this destination, and want to make the most of the endeavour, then be sure to contact Coddan. Our business start-up agents have years of experience in incorporation of limited companies in the Republic of Ireland and so can ensure the venture goes off without a hitch.