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When an Irish public company can start trading?

Establish Public Company in Republic of Ireland

When an Irish public company can start trading? If you have a public company in South of Ireland, there are a few things that you need to do before you can start trading. If you try to start trading before you have started the public company registration process then you may be trading illegally, and can run into difficulty. Here are some of the steps of public company registration in Republic of Ireland, which you need to undertake before your PLC company can begin trading.

Public company is required to have a minimum share capital of €38,092.14 of which €9,523.03 (25%) must be paid up.

Choose a company name: the very first step in public company registrationis to choose your company name. You cannot register a company without one, and it helps you to begin to see your company as a real entity.

You will be able to refer to your company when networking, and can also get things like business cards, logos and so on ready for when you are ready to start trading. Once you have come up with a PLC company name you need to check it against the index of company names at Companies House to ensure that you are not taking another company's name.

Choose a company registration package: we can help you to form your Irish PLC company, so choose the right package for your company with us and we will be able to get you set up with everything you need. It is simple to work with us on forming your Irish PLC company, as we handle all of the legal stuff so you do not have to.

Public Company & Trading Certificate

Public company & trading certificate

A company which has been registered as a public company on original incorporation must not begin business or exercise any borrowing powers until it has a trading certificate, issued under the Companies (Amendment) Act, 1983-2015, confirming that the company has met the allotted share capital requirements. The certificate is the proof that the public company can start trading; you can apply for a trading certificate for your public company though us.

Fill out the application form: we will be able to provide you with the application form or you can go online and fill it out to send back to Companies House. The application form will ask you for things like your company name, your own name and registered company address, director's details and the details of any shareholders.

You will need to provide the memorandum and articles of association (both of which we can help you with). After this, you submit your application form and wait. Once Companies House has approved your application then you can start trading immediately.