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Facilities to Register a Business Name Online

Facilities to register a business name online


We can offer you the following facilities to protect a business name: -

We can do the business name registration by the establishment of new private limited company, a company limited by guarantee or via the public company. You can also protect your trading name if you are carrying an existence business as a self-employed by starting a dormant company or via opening a dormant LLP. We can assist you to reserve a company name or a trading name, which you cannot do with the Companies House.

Please be aware that only by registering a new private company you can safe a business name, because you cannot reserve a name with the Companies Registrar in the United Kingdom. You cannot protect it via the registration of a domain names, because someone can register a similar business domain name to yours by adding and additional "s", "a", or any other symbol or the punctuation.

To avoid this situation, you should think about the remarkable name for your company, and register your business name as a business entity and apply for the trademark registration in the UK or in EU.

By the way, you cannot register a new company as the MCS LTD, and then adopt the trading name as "Microsoft Company Solutions", you always need to check if such business name, trading name or the trademark is existent or not, before you can adopt the further trading name for your business.

If you will do your business under the business name, which is prohibited, restricted or registered as the trademark, potentially, you can receive a billion claim, from the owner of such business name, you can be penalised for the wrongful or fraud trading.

Note about the business name registration

You can find a great business name for your business and register a company or an LLP under that name, and start a successful business, unfortunately, you may receive a claim and the note from the Companies House to change your business name, because such name is already exist in Great Britain or in EU, as the registered trademark.

That is why we offer the complete search of business names trademark database to avoid such problems in the future.

If you will need any further clarification or additional information about the business name registration, or trading name registration, etc., please call to our office to raise those questions and queries.