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How Can Coddan Helps to Establish a Business Name

How can Coddan helps to etsblish a trading name?

Registering a Business Name

How can Coddan helps to establish a brand name? The process of registering a business brand name is not extremely long and intricate. The proposed limited company name must go through numerous checks before it can qualify. We will complete a comprehensive search on your behalf, which will sift through over 10 million names. If your name is remotely similar to another existing label, we will inform you and guide you through every step of the way. Our reliable search processes the information with complete accuracy, even against the flow of the thousands of company names that continuously register each day.

All you need to do is fill out our simple application form, providing your name and personal details, the proposed company name, and pay. The form should take no longer than five minutes to complete and is extremely straightforward. However, if you still require assistance, one of our business advisors will be more than willing to help. This business name registration form is online application through our website, but for those of you that are not confident in filling out electronic forms and paying electronically, we have the option of paper forms, which you can complete and send it to us.

Once the whole process is complete and the company name registers, you will receive confirmation and have the option to purchase a physical copy of the certificate of incorporation.

In the event that your company name is too similar to an existing business name, we will help provide alternatives that do not infringe on those names free of charge. You can call our consultants at Coddan Formations Agency and discuss business names and we will talk you through the process and offer simple tips and solutions to enable you to secure the name of your choice.

The issue of sensitive words can cause problems for many company names that aim to have something specific in their company title. These sensitive words sometimes require proof from an external body in order to enable their usage; this is to prohibit people promoting a service that they are not legally qualified to do. Securing the right to use a sensitive word in a business name is often a long process that can halt the progress of the business name’s registration. For an additional fee, Coddan can conduct this extra duty on your behalf, by searching out the appropriate authority and securing the information needed to register the name. This will prevent you from doing any complicated research that we can perform quickly and easily.