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Register a business name in the UK, trading name registration costs from £39.49!

How do I register a business name online?

Register a Business Name Online

How do I register a business name online? You can register business name online by filling out our simple order form. The business name registration process is made simple when you allow Coddan Formations Agency to do all the hard work. Registering a business name can also be an enjoyable and creative process, though it has its complications. While it may be tempting to try to stamp your individual personality when registering a business name, there are many other issues to consider. Being objective and choosing a name that reflects your business strategy can be more valuable, especially as your business develops.

It is important to register business name correctly and to ensure that it does not contain certain words and descriptions that are restricted. There are many different words and expressions that are affected in this way. The business name registrar will advise you if your name contains any such restriction and will either obtain permission from the Secretary of State or elsewhere on your behalf or assist you in choosing an alternative name at no extra charge. We can supply details of restricted words, expressions and names on request.

A business name registration is considered as one of the most easily managed and cost effective business structures. Some of its outstanding features are: -

  • No specific qualification requirement for company director, secretary or shareholder.
  • No nationality or residence restrictions for company director, secretary or shareholder.
  • You can just have one director who may also be the only share holder.
  • You can start trading immediately upon incorporation. It does not require any trading certificate to start its business.