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Benefits of a Company Start-Up in Northern Ireland

Benefits of a company start-up in Northern Ireland

Private Company Formation in Ulster

Benefits of a company start-up in Northern Ireland: one of the great benefits of starting up of a limited company in Northern Ireland is that the province is the only part of the UK that shares a landmass with another European Union member, and this facilitates a great deal of vibrant trade. Business between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland increased dramatically following the introduction in 1999 of European Monetary Union, and with the signing of the Good Friday Agreement a year earlier, bringing decades of discord to an end, Northern Ireland has enjoyed peace and stability that is essential for and conducive to a good business environment. Just as the political climate has improved, so has the business sector in Northern Ireland.

Today, Northern Ireland is an attractive place to do business and many firms are establishing a presence in the region. Northern Ireland got a significant international boost earlier this year when Loch Erne in Co Fermanagh hosted the G8 Summit at which global leaders attended, proving to the world that security and stability were indeed lasting.

Northern Ireland is home to less than 3 percent of the UK's population but has attracted over 9 percent of inward investment to Britain, demonstrating that the area is a favourite among businesses.

If you're considering start-up a private company in Northern Ireland, Coddan has the expertise to help you. We can register your limited company, or form a limited liability partnership, as well as dealing with such matters as preparing annual returns, minutes of annual general meetings, directors' resolutions and year-end annual accounts, to ensure that you meet the crucial filing deadlines.

We have low-priced packages that you can choose from to establishing your business in Northern Ireland, and we also handle accountancy, VAT registration and payroll, among other services.

Our team of business start-up consultants is on hand to advise on any matters relating to registrationof a limited enterprise in Northern Ireland as well as all management and administration matters, and they're available from the start of the process of company start-up to the end, and for as long as you need advice or assistance.

Prices for a private company registration in Northern Ireland start at just £24.99, and the process can be done online, meaning it is effortless and swift. You not only get the necessary documentation afterwards - certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles - but you can also get your business started-up in Northern Ireland, with a prestigious address in Belfast from us.

In terms of business laws in Northern Ireland, in many respects they are similar to those in the Republic of Ireland and almost the same as in the rest of the United Kingdom. Coddan will ensure that all limited company formations are fully in line with Northern Ireland company law.

In Northern Ireland, companies must have at least one director and one shareholder, and if there is only one director, they cannot also be the secretary; if there are two, however, one can also be the secretary. These can be people or another company limited by shares and they do not have to be based in Northern Ireland but can be anywhere in the world. It is advisable, however, that some are based in Northern Ireland, to ensure smooth running of the private company. More and more companies limited by shares are discovering the benefits of having a presence in Northern Ireland.