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Northern Irish Company Start-Up With Nominee Director and Shareholder

Northern Irish company startup with nominee director and shareholder

Company Formation With Nominees

Northern Irish company startup with nominee director and shareholder: if you're exploring ways of establishing yourself as a business in Northern Ireland, either solely or as part of expansion plans, the simplest and most cost-effective way is with Coddan. Starting a limited company means registering it with Companies House in Belfast. Our online application process allows you to do so easily, and among our range of limited companies startup services is providing nominees where required. You can get guaranteed same-day service if we receive your documents before 1:30pm UK time, meaning your private company is registered in a matter of hours.

Depending on clients' circumstances and requests, and the type of corporation being formed, we can provide nominee directors, nominee secretaries and nominee shareholders so that all legal incorporation requirements are met.

Providing these nominees gives immediate benefits for clients starting a private company in North of Ireland. It may be the case that a client doesn't have the required number of personnel to propose for business formation purposes, or perhaps certain people may not want their names officially listed on the records at Companies House, in case competitors might find out, and so nominees act in this way to protect one's identity.

We have several packages for those wishing to open a private company, starting from just £24.99, and there are no hidden or extra charges. Clients can also benefit from getting a free business account with a major UK bank so they can start trading straight away. When the limited company is registered with our nominees, you will get all the legal paperwork for your files, including the certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association.

If you'd like to register a company limited by shares in Ulster with nominees for director, secretary and or shareholder, contact us today. Our experienced consultants will be happy to advise and answer any questions you may have.

Further post company formation services we can offer you:

  • Change of a company name in Northern Ireland
  • Changing a company accounting reference date
  • Expedite change of an North of Ireland company name within 24 hours
  • Change or amend the details of a registered office address in Ulster
  • Change or amend the details of SAIL address in North of Ireland
  • Change the details of the Northern Irish company' members or company directors
  • Provision of company members and directors service address in Belfast
  • Appointment of new company directors
  • Resignation of the current company director
  • Assistance with filing of company annual return in Northern Ireland
  • Assistance with preparation and filing of a company annual account with Companies House and HMRC on time
  • Assistance with opening of a corporate bank accounts in the UK
  • Help with opening business bank account in Switzerland, Malta or Andorra
  • Support with opening an offshore bank account for a company incorporated in Northern Ireland in offshore country or outside of the UK
  • Help with filing of the late annual return
  • Help with filing of the late annual accounts in Northern Ireland
  • Maintenance of the company registers & records at the registered office address in Belfast
  • Provision of the certificate of good standing
  • Support with company dissolution in North of Ireland
  • Provision of certificate of incumbency, certificate of the registered office address
  • Registration of your company for the Data Protection requirements
  • Registration of a company directors as self-employed or for self-assessment in Northern Ireland
  • Registration of your Northern Irish company with the HMRC as the non-UK tax resident company
  • Assistance with a company restoration service in North of Ireland

If your private firm registered in Northern Ireland faced to pay fines for the non-filing of the annual accounts, we can help to prepare the year-end annual account and submit it with the Companies House and HMRC, and we can assist to pay outstanding penalties and fines from your limited company name behalf. This company post-formation service is very helpful and practical for overseas customers who are running their limited companies in Ulster from the abroad. In the case if you are not happy or not satisfied with your current service provider, you can transfer your Northern Irish private company under our management, and we will take care about your further duties, including filing of annual returns and annual account on time. Why you should wait? Make a single phone call or send us the request via e-mail and enjoy with the advantages of the experienced company incorporation service provider in Northern Ireland.

If you are locating outside of the UK or Northern Ireland, the post-formation of a company and post-incorporation services can costs your hundreds, or sometimes thousands of euros, or dollars.

When you are receiving bills, you always tried to find the cost-effective company limited by shares start up provider, who can serve your particular company maintenance needs and satisfy with your requirements; why it cannot be your situation, if you are not happy with your local business set-up provider, to switch the company registered agent services to Coddan? One simple phone call does not cost you too much, let us see, maybe we can be more cost saving than your current registered agent in Belfast or an incorporation agent who is doing business from the abroad?