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Private Limited Company Establishment Options in Northern Ireland

Private limited company establishment options in Northern Ireland

Limited Company Formation in North of Ireland

Private limited company establishment options in Northern Ireland: although registering a limited company in Northern Ireland can often seem like an impossible task, with all the legal and taxation requirements it entails, here at Coddan, we offer a fast, efficient, and streamlined service that enables our clients to establish their limited company with ease and with all the requirements taken care of. We offer our clients four distinct private company creation packages to cater for their various needs and desires.

At one end there is our basic option for those who wish to startup their limited company with the minimum hassle and as soon as possible, offering the certification of incorporation and the option of a free referral to a corporate bank account as well as same-day formation of the limited company in Ulster. For those who would like to receive additional documentation and certificates, as well as a meeting of the board of directors, our second option is available at a competitive price of only £39.99.

Our third option includes all of the services provided in the first two and gives clients the additional option of possessing an attractive and comprehensive set of company documents, including printed private company share certificates and their own company stamp.

Finally our fourth option, designed for clients residing outside of the UK as well as those wishing to have their limited company established to a prestigious Belfast address, also enables business owners to gain access to a government mail forwarding service as well as a secretarial compliance service. All of these packages, aside from the last one which will incur an additional annual charge, come without any hidden fees or expenses and can be purchased by simply visiting our website or contacting us by telephone or email.

Here at Coddan, we possess a wealth of experience concerning the limited company set-up process in Northern Ireland, and we therefore understand that additional requirements, including tax obligations and regulatory requirements, may often present our clients with their own unique challenges and that they may, therefore, desire additional services to those provided by our standard packages. For this reason we also offer clients a unique bespoke package, tailored to their specific needs in registering a limited company in North of Ireland, and we are happy to negotiate the cost and details of this to meet the desires and circumstances of each individual.

The Coddan process of limited company establishment in Belfast is fast, efficient and professional. At the basic level, we enable clients to register their limited company in Northern Ireland for just £24.99 and to become the company director on the same day, with all the necessary paperwork, and legal requirements, taken care of.

At the other end of our services we give clients the option to choose from our range of comprehensive creation packages as well as to purchase their own unique bespoke registration option. So, if you're thinking of registering a limited company in Northern Ireland, why not make that dream a reality and consider registering your company limited by shares with us today?