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Why company secretaries are still important for Northern Irish business?

North of Ireland Company Formation

Why company secretaries are still important for Northern Irish business? The 2006 Companies Act came into force in Northern Ireland in 2009. This act abolished the need for private company to have a secretary. In spite of a company secretary no longer being a legal requirement for an Ulster based limited company, it still makes sense to have a designated person who understands UK company law and who is responsible for ensuring compliance.

We can supply a nominee secretary for your company limited by shares who will help ensure that statutory annual returns are filed on time and other legal requirements are met. For sole directors who don't have access to someone with experience of preparing returns the nominee secretary service is a cost effective way of ensuring that their limited company doesn't end up being fined for failing to submit acceptable documents. For people who are not based in the United Kingdom it makes sense to have someone who is familiar with local legislation to assist them or act on their behalf when running their Ulster-based business.

Coddan offers four levels of nominee secretary service. The first package costs £125.00 per year and will ensure that everything necessary for compliance with private companies legislation is done. The second is £25.00 extra and incorporates the ability for the secretary to sign documents on behalf of the company limited by shares. For £250.00 per year your nominee secretary will submit annual returns on behalf of the private company. The top level of service costs £400.00 per year and includes all of the benefits of the lower levels as well as the preparation of the annual accounts and a dedicated administrator for your private company based in Coddan's office.

Of these packages the fourth is the most popular. It removes much of the tedious legal requirements from the running of a business and lets you get on with your work.