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Documents Needed for the UK Establishment Start-Up

Documents needed for the UK establishment start-up

Registration of a UK Establishment

Documents needed for the UK establishment start-up: in order for a non-UK resident to create an establishment within the United Kingdom, there are a number of documents that are required - more importantly, it is necessary to have certain documentation verified and "notarised" by someone that is in a position of authority. Fortunately, at Coddan we have a number of years of experience in this field, and our British, Scottish and Irish establishment start-up services include expert advice about both the necessary paperwork and the process in general.

A lot of the requirements relate to the need to combat money laundering and other similar practices, and with the correct advice it is possible to complete the application electronically and without having to visit the United Kingdom (although this can be arranged if necessary).

For the most important aspect of preventing money laundering, it is advisable to provide a government-issued proof of ID - this can be something along the lines of a passport, driving licence, or a similar document that includes an element of photographic ID.

Because of official government records that need to be kept at Companies House, it is also necessary to provide a proof of address, and this can be obtained from a bank statement or any other official type of communication that is issued by an organisation in authority.

It is actually a legal requirement for an organisation of this nature to have a registered bank account within the Great Britain, and fortunately this is also a process that we can help with. At Coddan Ltd, our expertise includes a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with banks that accept bank account applications from foreign nationals.

For more information about how the team at Coddan  can assist with registering a UK establishment, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on (44) 207 935 5171 - we can also be reached by e-mail at info@coddan.co.uk. Our entire portfolio of business registration services and other critical corporate assistance is available online at our website, and we can provide everything that is necessary for you to establish a business presence in the UK as a foreign resident.