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Get to Obtain (UK) Business Formation Private Limited Company Registration Overseas Company Establishment Documents Required from a Foreign Company to Establish Business Presence

Documents Required from a Foreign Company to Establish Business Presence

Documents required from a foreign company to establish business presence in the UK

Documents Required for the Overseas Company Formation

Documents required from a foreign company to establish business presence in the UK: when you choose to establish a branch or a subsidiary of your company in the UK, there is a great deal of red tape to cut through; chiefly in regards to establishing with Companies House, which requires the disclosure of not only all the particulars of your company, but also submission of numerous documents.

The basis of establishment to do business in the UK, and the primary document required, is the complex form designated OS IN01 "Registration of an overseas company opening a UK establishment". This application for registration must be submitted to Companies House within one month of your company starting to conduct business in the UK.

This form, and all its attendant documents, must be submitted in English, or translated into English with certification by a registered translator.

One of the first things requested on the form is a certified copy of the company's constitution. Then comes a requirement for the applicant company's latest accounting documents, prepared in accordance with its parent country's law. A statement as to how the future manner of compliance with accounting requirements will be carried out will also probably be required.

You will also need to include a detailed statement of the parent law under which your company was originally established, including the legislation under which the accounts were prepared and audited.

In addition to the form and multitudinous allied documents, it must be borne in mind that any foreign citizens who come to the UK to represent your company must obtain the relevant visas, and probably proof of English language competence.

All the requirements are laid down in a piece of legislation called The Overseas Companies Regulations 2009, and generally requires specialised knowledge for compliance.

Any overseas company planning to expand its operations to the United Kingdom is therefore advised to seek professional assistance with providing all the documentation required from an experienced company in the field, such as Coddan. Expert advice will ensure that you maximise the advantages and avoid all the pitfalls.