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Procedures for Starting a UK-Based Company as an Overseas Resident

What are the procedures for starting a UK-based company as an overseas resident?

Formation of the Overseas Company Procedures

What are the procedures for starting a UK-based company as an overseas resident? At present there are a number of different legal bases for UK businesses: as a sole trader, a limited partnership, a private company and via a limited liability partnership (LLP). It is also possible to set up in business as a public limited company (PLC) and as a co-operative, but only very few start ups meet the criteria to use either of these. There are basically two ways of obtaining a limited liability company through which to trade.

Acquiring a company which has already been registered but is not trading (known as "ready-made company" and commonly referred to as buying a company "off the shelf company"), or alternatively register a new limited company from scratch.

When registering a UK-based limited company as someone that resides outside of the United Kingdom, there are a number of procedures that take place - a diligent and thorough approach to the application process will always improve your chances of a smooth company start-up.

By getting in touch with our team of specialists at Coddan as soon as possible, you will placing your business interests in the best possible hands, and we can ensure that your limited company is registered and operational within a short time-frame.

Once everything is up and running, we can also assist you in remaining compliant with the ongoing business reporting requirements that exist within the United Kingdom.

Companies House is the government organisation that oversees all private companies registration within the UK, and submitting the correct paperwork can mean that they approve incorporation within just a few hours - this is the sort of success that has become our specialty. When you submit all of the relevant information and paperwork to Coddan Formations Agency, we transfer this onto the extensive application forms that can be daunting to foreign nationals, and this is how we remove the hassle from a UK-based limited company registration.

As far as Companies House is concerned, they need to be able to establish the identity of the company director or directors, and this is why we make sure to gather the relevant paperwork. 

Successful limited company formation will also depend upon the establishment of an appropriate bank account, and our extensive experience allows us to provide banking institutions with everything that they need to comply with money laundering regulations. We have developed an incredibly efficient electronic process that keeps you informed at every step of the way - even if you are based on the other side of the world.

To see how Coddan Formations Agency can take care of every legal procedure that is in place when registerring a UK-based private company from overseas, please contact us on (44) 207 935 5171 or info@coddan.co.uk - there is also more information online at our website.

Many overseas organisations want to expand into the UK but for many reasons may not want to establish an incorporated entity in the UK. The UK has an open, transparent and business-friendly system to encourage the registration of new businesses.

There are more than 2 million registered companies in the United Kingdom, with over 330,000 new registrations each year. No permission is required to starting a business presence in the UK, although there are regulations on the use of business names and certain business sectors which may require licences or authorisation (such as finance, defence and oil exploration).