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Private company formation in Scotland within 3 hours and costs from £24.99!

Advantages of registering a limited company in Scotland with expert agent in charge of incorporating of businesses in Alba: for a private organisation that is completely consistent with Scottish law and is executed rapidly and easily, simply ask Coddan. Our professional consultants in charge of registration of Scottish limited companies have years of experience setting up of limited companies in Glasgow or in Edinburgh, and you can have yours also established in Scotland for only £24.99, in less than 24 hours – sometimes as fast as four hours. Our first choice for the Scottish company formation package allows you to fill out every of your details online and after that have the application submitted, and the statutory fee for the establishment of a private company is included in the price - we do not charge hidden private company start-up extras.

Formation of a Scottish company for UK residents




This formation of a Scottish company with RBS, Barclays, or Lloyds business bank is applicable to clients with a Scotland address, and needs to keep it paper free, simple, paper free with no tricks or hassle.

The accompanying documents will be sending through e-mail upon the registration of the Scottish company:

    • The Coddan customised memorandum and articles of association;
    • The certificate of incorporation;
    • The free referral to Barclays, Lloyds, RBS corporate bank account.



This company start-up in Alba having guaranteed bank account is meant for individuals who have a legal address already in Alba and need the incorporation of a company in addition to extra documentation provided by post and e-mail.

This Scottish private company establishment offer has in offer, all services mentioned in the first choice, in addition to:

  • The board of the first directors' meeting;
  • The certificates of share;
  • The required company' registers;
  • The certificate of incorporation, properly laminated (free post-delivery).



This package is meant for clients who need all the customary trappings of Scottish company start-up with awesome bound documents.

This also has in offer, all benefits of Scottish LTD establishment as itemised in the first and second alternatives, in addition to free delivery of:

  • A single set of the memorandum and articles of association with a printed and well bounded company's registers;
  • The board of directors' first meeting, beautifully printed certificates of shares and also, the beneficial owner certificate and the official rubber stamp.



This creation of a company in Scotland is especially for UK residents and expatriates, who need to open a company with Edinburgh registered office address.

This establishment of a company in Edinburgh also has in offer, all setting up benefits of a entity and things mentioned in both the first and the second options, adding:

  • The Edinburgh registered office address;
  • The government mail sending;
  • The certificate of the registered office address and secretarial compliance service.

Registration of a Scottish company for international clients




This package of a Scottish company formation is especially for residents who are not UK-based, and who need to open a company with an Edinburgh legal address.

The accompanying items are included into this incorporation of a Scottish LTD:

  • The incorporation certificate, the constitutional documents - memorandum and articles;
  • The registers of the company, certificates of shares and the board of directors' meeting;
  • The Edinburgh registered office address;
  • The secretarial compliance service and the government mail forwarding.



This package of a Scottish company start-up is especially for residents who are not UK-based, and who need to open a firm with the Edinburgh business address and a nominee director.

This company creation in Scotland offer includes all that are available options in the first package, in addition to the advantages of:

  • The nominee director provision and the signed power of attorney;
  • The agreement for the provision of the nominee directorship service;
  • The signed, but, undated resignation document from a nominee director.



Among all our packages for Scottish company set-up, this is our most comprehensive. It has all documents properly verified by notary public or solicitor and certified by the apostille seal or apostilled stamp.

This creation of company in Scotland incorporates everything in the third option for company set-up, in addition to:

  • The certification of every single corporate document and also a power of attorney by notary public or solicitor and the last verification of all documents of company by an apostilled stamp;
  • Coddan will provide corporate and attorney-in-law rubber stamps.



With this option, we will set-up a UK trust, provides two trustees, register a Scottish company and prepare the annual return (confirmation statement).

We added the following services into this package:

  • The establishment of the trust with two local trustees;
  • The private company start-up with the fiduciary service;
  • The preparation of annual return (confirmation statement);
  • You do not need to be registered as a person with significant control for public records.
  • UK bank account & additional options are available.

Limited company registration in Scotland online

There's no need for expensive notaries, or corporate solicitors who charge by the hour and take ages to complete the task when Coddan can do it almost instantly and for a fixed Scottish limited company registration fee!

The standard required capital upon registration of your Scottish private company is £100.00 and is split into 100 ordinary shares each valued at £1.00. At least one of these shares must be issued, but not all. You'll receive all the statutory paperwork once the application is approved. We'll provide you with the certificate of incorporation, memorandum & articles of association, minutes of the first meeting of the board of directors and share certificates and the company register.

When you're ready to start trading in Scotland, we're still here to help you along the way, with a range of business support services that include Scottish company bookkeeping and taxation as well as preparing and filing annual returns and annual accounts on time, so that you're not subject to fines. When it comes to simply registering a limited company in Scotland, look no further than Coddan for fast and low-cost company registration. We're on hand to answer any of your queries before Scottish company formation and during the process. If you are looking to incorporate a limited company today, contact us, as your business start-up agent, by phone or via e-mail! Talk to us today and let us help you establish yourself as a private limited liability company in Scotland.


Register a Scottish company on the same day

Forming a Limited Company in Scotland

Our Scottish private company incorporation form which is online is approved by Companies House. Your Scotland based registered office address is what you use and then appoint your own candidates as shareholders and directors, and also an organization secretary if needed.

Choose Coddan Formations Agency for a new limited company registration in Scotland: we can help you to incorporate a limited company by shares, company limited by guarantee, limited partnership and LLP in Scotland. Scottish limited companies can help protect the rights of shareholders and minimise your liability to any investments made. Coddan has been helping clients since 1993 and can guide you through the company limited by shares registration process; filing paperwork on your behalf at Companies House and ensuring all regulations are followed. We offer a number of additional services, including management and nominee director, nominee shareholder services and helping to save you time and money.

Formation of a private company in Scotland

Forming a Company in Scotland

Online company incorporation in Alba: if you are thinking of starting a business, it pays to know the local rules and regulations, as well as the best incorporation structure in Alba. So before you get started, get some expert advice from Coddan . Of course, you first have to decide what your business is all about, what you're going to do. Then you can get creative and decide upon a business name, but before you invest too much time in the company identity, you should check with Companies House to make sure nobody else has registered the name of a company or something too close. If they have, you might not be allowed to use or reserve the company name you want to incorporate in Scotland.

Then it's time to decide on a business structure. This could be anything from sole trader status through to a limited company set-up or even more complex structures like a Scottish limited liability partnership. Every structure comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. So if you're unsure then it pays to speak to someone like Coddan Formations Agency at an early stage to figure out just what is the best way to structure your limited company in Scotland.

Think about starting out as a part-time business, rather than full-time, and whether you can work from home or if you need to take on premises and vehicles from the outset. If it is the latter, you will almost certainly need to arrange some finance for the business. Banks are not known for being generous with start-up loans right now, but it is always the first port of call before looking into venture capitalists and business angels. Business Gateway offers free events covering a wide range of business issues, including taxes, marketing, networking and business planning that can prove invaluable to new businesses.

Remember, too, that you don't just need money to start the business in Scotland. You need to cover your own expenses until it pays out and keep any staff paid or bills covered on the business side as well. Build in a contingency fund at the planning stage, plan your cash flow meticulously and then be prepared to spend a little more or wait a little longer for payment. It will almost certainly happen in the early stages.

Sadly 20% of businesses fold in the first year and 50% go under within three years. Don't let those figures put you off; many of those failures could be averted with careful planning in the concept phase. A thorough business plan is also an essential part of any business start-up, it is the series of questions you should ask yourself about the businesses' viability crystallised on paper.

Then it's on to the fun stuff, a marketing and sales plan that will bring the customers to your door. Then you get to put it into action and, if the planning stages are perfect, you will be rolling in success before you even know it.