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Benefits to Create a Private Limited Company in Scotland

Benefits to create a company in Scotland

Benefits to Form a Company in Scotland

Benefits to create a company in Scotland: the registration of a private company in Scotland has never been easier thanks to the expert advice and support on offer at Coddan, so get in touch for more information and what could be the first step towards a brighter future. To register a Scottish limited company, you must complete an application (Companies House form IN01) online or by post and submit it to Companies House in Edinburgh. You can register your limited company in Scotland by using our simple-to-use company registration services which includes a business registered office address service. Many more people are opting to become their own boss, in part due to the recession forcing them into the entrepreneurial mind set and in part because it has never been easier to start up in business. With a wealth of business start-up experts ready to take the hard work off your hands you can focus on making money and leaving a lot of the tedious paperwork that used to sink small businesses to practised professionals; that makes a huge difference.

We can help with everything, from advising on a limited company structure through to tax advice, and can even supply a variety of office services like a registered office address in Scotland and book storing facilities that have the green light from Companies House.

If you're thinking of registering a Scottish company then you have to decide on what kind of structure you'll present, including a company that is limited by shares or by a company limited guarantee that can give you added protection if things go wrong. You might be better off as a sole trader in fact, and you might not need the added protection the private company offers, and the increased expense that goes with setting it up.

A private company might seem like the ideal case, but then if you end up paying your accountant for unnecessary work then it is money down the drain at the start.

Once you've decided on a structure then you'll have to do a search with Companies House to make sure there isn't a company that has trademarked your identity already, before you start the incorporation process that involves naming the director and shareholder, details of the shares issued and details of the business. Alternatively, you could just hand all this over to Coddan who can expedite your private company set-up in Scotland and can offer you a number of additional services.

If you would like to buy a VAT-registered company or off-the-shelf company, we can provide it within hours, rather than the days it would take for you to organise this yourself. If you want a registered office address in Scotland then we can handle that too, and more than Coddan has got you covered.

Company Formation & Your First Accounts

Company creation & your first accounts

If your company's first accounts cover a period of more than 12 months, you must deliver them to Companies House within 21 months of the date of incorporation for private companies and within 18 months for public companies, or 3 months from the accounting reference date, whichever is the longer. Call us to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

The service doesn't end at the set-up either; Coddan offers ongoing advice for tax and structural issues and can help you save money with its in-house bookkeeping and accountancy services and constant advice service.