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Post Company Formation Services in Scotland

Post company formation services in Scotland


Post company formation services in Scotland: To register a Scottish limited company, you must complete an application (Companies House form IN01) online or by post and submit it to Companies House in Edinburgh. You can register your limited company in Scotland by using our simple-to-use company registration services which includes a business registered office address service. At Coddan, we understand that while you may be an expert in your field or industry, you may not necessarily be talented at legal paperwork and the administration of a company. That is why we offer straightforward post-incorporation services to our clients, to assist with the successful smooth running of their companies.

Accounting and tax services: our team of accounting experts are able to prepare your company's annual accounts and annual returns, and submit them to Companies House and HMRC in a timely manner, ensuring that you do not acquire late filing charges. We also offer a bookkeeping service so that your books are kept professionally and to the standard required by the tax office.

Business bank introductions: we are able to refer you to one of several banks, both in the UK and offshore, thanks to our connections in the banking world. This enables you to obtain a fully operational business bank account quickly and easily.

Trademark registration: your company name does not constitute a trademark, even after registration. If you would like to register a trademark, our experts at Coddan will be happy to assist.

Assistance with regulations: whether it is health and safety regulations, or employment regulations, we are able to help you ensure your company's compliance with the law.

Protection insurance: there are many responsibilities that a company holds in relation to financial obligations, and Coddan is able to assist you with obtaining insurances to cover possible HMRC, VAT dispute, PAYE compliance dispute and NIC compliance dispute.

Further registrations: Coddan deals very well with all the intricate details of Scottish company registration and post-formation. Where your company requires VAT registration, data protection registration, or registration as an employer, Coddan is able to make this process simple and straightforward.

Scottish company forwarding services: if your need to have a registered address for a new Scottish company registration, we can assist you with the provision of a registered office in Edinburgh, we are able to ensure that your official documentation is forwarded to you in a timely manner.

Preparation for meetings: Coddan is able to supply you with suitable agendas and the correctly formatted minutes of annual general meetings and extraordinary general meetings where required. This ensures your compliance with the law as far as specific legal documentation is concerned.

Our post-company formation services are included with certain packages, and can also be bolted-on to your current package for an additional fee. If you are interested in further information about our post-company registration services, please call our expert team on +44 (0) 207.935.5171.

Coddan  is an expert in registering of private companies in Scotland. We also do the online limited companies' registration in Scotland, furnishing members with a private company shareholders agreements, We also provide two different registered addresses in Edinburgh . Filing and preparing of annual returns and annual accounts for submission to HMRC and Companies House. In furtherance to all of this, we can help with: -

  • Expediting company name change in Scotland in 24 hours
  • Changing of registered address detail or SAIL inspection service address in Scotland
  • Changing the details of directors of a Scottish company
  • Giving company' directors and members an Edinburgh service address
  • Resigning existing company directors
  • Filling an company's yearly return in Scotland
  • Preparing and filling an company's yearly accounts with both Companies House and HMRC
  • Helping with opening bank account in the UK
  • Filling any late company annual returns
  • Filling any late company annual accounts in Scotland
  • Maintaining the company's registers and records at the registered legal address in Edinburgh
  • Giving a certificate of good standing
  • Providing a certificate of registered office address and certificate of incumbency
  • Changing a company's account reference date in Scotland
  • Registering your company for Data Protection
  • Registering company' directors for self-assessment in Scotland
  • Registering your Scottish private company as the non-charge resident with the HMRC
  • Support with a company dissolution in Scotland
  • Assistance with Scottish company restoration service

In the event that your company registered in Scotland, faced to pay fines for the non-filling of the annual accounts, we can help to prepare your company' annual account at year end and file it with the Companies House and HMRC. We can likewise help to pay penalties outstanding on your organization name behalf.

This post-incorporation service for the Scottish registered limited companies is very helpful and viable for overseas customers who are running their Scotland private companies from outside of the United Kingdom. Perhaps you are not happy or not satisfied with your present service provider, don't fret at all. You can transfer your Scottish company under our management, and we will take care of other duties too, including annual filling of returns and annual account on time.

In the event that you are situated outside of the UK or Scotland, the post-formation services for your company can costs your hundreds or sometimes a huge amount of euros.

When you are receiving bill, you generally tried to discover the cost effective expert, who can serve your unique needs and help fulfil your business requirements; if probably you are not happy with your local company formation agent, switch the company registered expert services to Coddan. One simple phone call does not cost you excessively, and then, let's see how much more our cost-saving services can be than your current company registration expert.