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The Advantages of Forming a Holding Company in South of Ireland

The advantages of forming a holding company in South of Ireland

Holding Company in Republic of Ireland

The advantages of registering a holding company in Republic of Ireland: our team of companies start-up specialists at Coddan, has spent many years answering questions about registration of a holding company in various territories around Europe, and a popular destination for these enquiries continues to be the Republic of Ireland.

The taxation benefits that are laid out by the Irish government are well known throughout the business world, and we can also provide expert and tailored advice about the other key aspects of company life in this EU country. Taxation, and therefore financial benefits will always be at the very heart of key decision making, but it is often the other elements that contribute to the final choice of location for a holding company in Republic of Ireland.

When it comes to filing and submitting annual accounts within Eire, taxation policies are in place to reward a wide variety of business types, especially companies that operate in the research and development industries. Intellectual property development is also something that the Irish authorities are keen to promote and support, and it is even possible to qualify for a zero-rate of corporation tax.

This tax break is available to a number of small to medium enterprises, and the experts at Coddan can advise about the best possible route to the registration of a holding company in Ireland.

In a business world that is currently being dominated by a number of non-English speaking nations, the Republic of Ireland is proud to hold the position of being primarily English-speaking, this is the only nation outside of the United Kingdom that holds this accolade.

Attached to this feature is the possibility of being able to recruit from a workforce of highly-capable individuals that speak English as their mother tongue, and the Irish workforce benefits from a comparatively high quality of life. Businesses that incorporate in the Irish Republic take advantage of this motivated labour resource to thrive and perform to their full potential.

In order to make the best possible use of the opportunities that present themselves after registering a holding company in the Republic of Ireland, it is usually a good idea to employ the services of experts that have spent many years incorporation of similar businesses. At Coddan, we can provide advice with the very highest levels of professionalism, and then proceed to take care of the various formalities that are involved. More details are available within the coddan.co.uk website, and we would be delighted to answer any questions that you may have.