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Holding Company in Ireland Vs. Holding Company in Liechtenstein

Holding company in the Republic of Ireland vs. holding company in Liechtenstein

Holding Company in Ireland

Holding company in the Republic of Ireland vs. holding company Liechtenstein: there are marked differences between registering a holding company in the Republic of Ireland compared to the tiny Central European country of Liechtenstein, not least that the latter is not a member of the European Union while the Republic is.

But although Liechtenstein is not a member of the EU, it has joined the European Economic Area and is therefore subject to various EU laws. For ease of incorporating and understanding the countries' company laws, clients should also consider the level of language difficulty: the Republic of Ireland is an English-speaking country while German is the language of Liechtenstein.

At Coddan Formations Agency, we can help you to register a holding company in the Republic of Ireland or Liechtenstein, using our considerable experience and expertise to ensure the process is carried out in the most professional manner and that both countries' legislation concerning company law is fully adhered to.

In registering a holding company in Liechtenstein, just one director and one shareholder are all that's required for the company officers. In the Republic of Ireland, there must be at least two directors, one of whom must either live in the Republic, the UK or elsewhere in the EU.

Clients wishing to register a holding company in Liechtenstein will need to supply the name they propose for the new company and share capital, which can be up to 50,000 euros or more depending on the type of company, and it must be accompanied by a declaration that the capital has been lodged in a bank in Liechtenstein or neighbouring Switzerland.

Other requirements are that a local person resident in Liechtenstein be appointed as a company representative, and confirmation of this be provided; and the company deed detailing its statutes. In terms of the holding company name that can be used, it may have to be translated into German and must have one of these at the end of it: Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung, or GmbH; Anstalt, or Est; or Aktiengesellschaft, or AG.

Irish holding company registration is relatively more straightforward, but there are a number of regulations specific to the country that must be followed, in addition to EU company legislation.

We have various services that are beneficial when register a holding company in either the Republic of Ireland or Liechtenstein, including the provision of nominee personnel for company officers in cases where clients don't have sufficient people to propose or they would rather not use them for reasons of confidentiality or anonymity. We can also provide registered office addresses for the purpose of registering the new company.