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Irish holding company registration in 1 day just for £294.99

Holding company in the Republic of Ireland vs. holding company in the UK

Formation of a Holding Company in Ireland

Holding company in the Republic of Ireland vs. holding company  in the UK: there are distinct differences as well as respective advantages in registering a holding company in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Major corporations, in particular, have been flocking to the Republic in recent years, setting up holding companies to take advantage of one of the lowest tax rates in the Europe, at 12.5 percent, compared to 21 percent in the UK. In setting up a holding company in the Republic of Ireland, a key difference compared to doing the same in the Great Britain is that there must be a minimum of two directors, one of whom must live in the Republic, the United Kingdom or elsewhere in the European Union.

However, if you wish to register a holding company in the Republic of Ireland and don't have anyone living in the EU whom you could propose as a director, Coddan's nominee director service can be invaluable. We can include this as part of our incorporation service, meaning you get the benefit of using our nominee director for your firm. This director won't have any involvement in your new holding company and will be a company officer in name only. In addition, you can change them at any time of your choosing.

We also offer our nominee service to clients wishing to register a holding company in Ireland to oversee and manage their corporate assets. We can provide nominees for the company directors as well as corporate secretary, and in addition we can provide an official registered office address for holding entity formation purposes. This means clients don't use their actual business address and all correspondence from the authorities will be sent to the official registered address and forwarded on by us.

There are also a number of rules and regulations that must be met when registering a holding company in the ROI, and at Coddan, we can handle all of these matters to make sure the company registration is fully compliant with the law.

Applications for holding company start-up in Ireland can easily be done via our online application process. For UK clients our range of attractive holding companies formation packages starts at just £52.00, while for those wishing to form holding enterprises in the Republic, our fees start at £294.99. There are no extra or hidden charges in either case, and after the companies are formed, all of the statutory documentation will be provided.

In terms of the length of time it takes to register a holding company in the UK or Republic, in the United Kingdom it can be done the same day as the application is received, if it's by 1.30pm London time, whereas the process takes up to a week in Ireland. Our expert business consultants are available to answer any of your queries about registration of a holding company in either the Republic of Ireland or the Great Britain. Call us now and avail of our vast expertise in this area to get your holding company registered in the country of your choice.