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The Legal Basics of Holding Company Formation

Understanding the legal basics of holding company formation in Ireland

Holding Company in Ireland

Understanding the legal basics of holding company formation: Irish holding company regime - there are many reasons to consider to register a holding company in the Republic of Ireland, wherever your operations may be based.

Ireland is popular as a low-bureaucracy, low-tax business environment support of entrepreneurs. The minimum share capital required to register a company compares very favourably to the rules in most other European countries, and a bank account is not required. As in the UK, it is much easier to make changes to shareholding or company officers than it is in mainland Europe, and most importantly, the corporation tax rate on trading profits is substantially smaller than anywhere else in Europe and less than half the UK rate.

Recent changes to the treatment of capital gains and foreign dividends in respect of Irish holding companies have put Ireland in a position to compete with long established European holding company locations like Luxembourg or the Netherlands.

An Irish company can now act as a regional or intermediate holding company while effectively paying no tax on foreign dividend income. Unlike other countries, Ireland has no controlled foreign income regulations, Thin capitalisation rules or transfer pricing restrictions, and companies capital duty has been abolished.

Register your holding company in the Republic of Ireland: no doubt you're now wondering how to establish your business in this ideal environment. The process of holding company registration in the ROI is similar to that in the UK.

Ireland's Companies Registration Office requires formation of an acceptable company name, which does not mislead or clash with that of an existing business, the names of at least two company directors, who do not need to be shareholders, and any initial shareholders, and three business addresses which can all be the same. You will also need to supply a NACE code describing your business activity.

One significant difference is that all non-resident directors must be financially bonded. The addresses required are the company's registered addresses, place of business and address of central administration. Coddan can handle the entire process of holding company registration, sometimes in as little as five business days. We'll take care of the holding company formation fee and provide a laminated certificate of incorporation, hard bound copies of the memorandum and articles of association and first meeting of directors, plus company register and share certificate, leaving you free to get on with developing your business idea.