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Reasons to Establish a Holding Company Republic of Ireland

Reasons to establish a holding company in Ireland

Holding Company in Republic of Ireland

Reasons to establish a holding company in Ireland: when a business is looking to register an Irish holding company, there are a number of international factors that make it relatively straightforward to initiate this type of arrangement in a foreign territory; this is particularly true within the European Union, an institution that was founded upon the principals of free trade and business advantages.

The Republic of Ireland is an attractive destination for business people that need holding company registration in Republic of Ireland, and the reasons for this stretch beyond the usual benefits that come from low tax rates and business-specific relief.

In general, Ireland is a nation with a number of exciting economic opportunities, and the country's proximity to the United Kingdom will always ensure a healthy arrangement of trade and industry links. Coddan has spent a number of years providing this sort of business insight to companies, and we can also take care of the necessary paperwork and formalities.

If a holding company needs to make their tax affairs as efficient as possible, the Republic of Ireland has a taxation structure that allows certain types of businesses to redirect vital resources towards key business activities. When organisations take part in research and developments activities, generous tax breaks are on offer that underline Ireland's commitment to supporting this industry.

The same can also be said for companies that develop and acquire intellectual property. The general rate of corporation tax in Republic of Ireland is generally lower than a number of surrounding European nations, and this figure is often reduced further for certain types of small to medium enterprises, a number of circumstances can even lead to a 0% rate.

If total share capital is an issue for companies, the Irish Republic sets a minimum total share value of just €1.00, this is far lower than the €3,000 and more threshold that is in place in other EU nations. Research has also shown that many business activities take place in Ireland without the bureaucracy and red tape that is commonplace elsewhere in Europe, and Irish registered holding companies can benefit from a workforce that primarily uses the English language in business. Outside of the United Kingdom, Ireland is the only English-speaking nation for business purposes, and this is a unique selling point.

In order to find out more about registration of a holding company in the Republic of Ireland, the team of dedicated specialists at Coddan can be contacted through our coddan.co.uk website. If it is desirable, we can also complete the paperwork to ensure that the company is established as swiftly as possible.