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Requirements to Register Holding Company in ROI

What are the requirements and legal implications to create a holding company?

Holding Company in Ireland

What are the requirements and legal implications to create a holding company? What are the requirements and legal implications to register a holding company in Ireland? When business owners contact Coddan with a view to registering a limited company in the Republic of Ireland, they may do so in the light of some benefits of Irish holding company registration that are not available to someone who is running his or her business as a sole trader. These may include tax advantages and the opportunity to trade the company's shares on the stock market.

However, different requirements are expected of a limited company; there are different and more stringent rules and regulations and the company itself also carries a different legal status from the business of a sole trader. Therefore, it is important for the business owner to be aware of these legal differences when weighing up the choice between remaining as a sole trader and registering a private company in Ireland.

The key legal difference between a sole trader and a limited company is that the latter is a separate legal entity from the company directors. This means that the limited company itself is liable if any debts are incurred. It also means that the limited company can bring legal action or have legal action taken against it in its own right. Moreover, because a limited company is a legal entity of itself, the company will continue to exist even if the original owner sells the company or resigns from running it.

Business owners who are looking into the possibility of setting up a limited company in the Republic of Ireland are well advised to seek legal advice about doing so. If they decide that registering a limited company is the way forward for them, they are obliged to register it with the Companies Registration Office, which will hold records of the new company limited by shares.

The decision to register a holding company in Ireland can be influenced by many considerations, not least the earning potential of the company itself and the question of whether the responsibilities of taking on the role of the director of a limited company are likely to be adequately rewarded. If a business owner decides that forming a limited company is the right decision for his or her business, they may find that the simplest route to doing so is to find a specialist, such as Coddan, with expertise in the registration of holding companies in IE. This company start-up expert will be able to fill out the requisite forms and deal with the other paperwork on behalf of the business owner, leaving him or her free to focus on running the Irish holding company.