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Uses For a Holding Company in Business

Uses for a holding company in business

Holding Company in Republic of Ireland

Uses for a holding company registered in Republic of Ireland in business: at Coddan, when our team of specialists is approached to provide expert and tailored advice about registration of a holding company in the Republic of Ireland, we are proud to only supply key business insights. This information is gathered by keeping a constant eye on political and economic developments in this EU nation, and in the event that a company proceeds with this service, we can also suggest a range of other business services that can enhance an enterprise's presence in Ireland, this can also include a registered office address in Ireland.

Although taxation benefits bring significant advantages for a holding company in this territory, other possibilities revolve around 'quality of life' and similar operational factors.

Looking at taxation advantages first of all, the levels of general corporation tax in the Republic of Ireland are lower than a number of other EU countries, and tax relief is also available for a number of different business activities. Research and development is a market sector that is highly-coveted by the Irish government, and associated companies can benefit from generous tax relief.

A variety of intellectual property activities also attract similar tax advantages, and our specialists are aware of the benefits that a company can receive by keeping its design interests incorporated within the South of Ireland. Certain types of small to medium enterprises (SME) can actually end up with an effective 0% rate of corporation tax, and this shows that the Irish government is keen to attract businesses of all sizes to their territory.

Aside from purely financial reasons, it also has to be remembered that the Republic of Ireland is a nation with English as its primary language for business. Outside of the UK, this is a unique position that is held by the Irish Republic, and businesses appreciate the close ties with a potentially huge workforce of skilled individuals that have English as their first language.

'Quality of life' can be a vague term at times, but in the context of the Republic of Ireland, there is a definite sense that workers are generally satisfied with their employment conditions, this usually leads to businesses that can truly thrive.

Annual Return

Filing annual return after company formation

An annual return must be filed with the Registrar of Companies, together with the appropriate fee. In compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act, the Registrar of Companies may strike off a company for failing to file an annual return in respect of any one-year off the index. The first annual return date in the case of a newly registered private limited company will be six months from the date of registration. Call us to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

For more information about taking advantage of the unique business opportunities that are created by registering a holding company in the Republic of Ireland, the team at Coddan can be contacted through our website at coddan.co.uk. After any advice has been given, we can also take care of the steps within the Irish holding company registration process.