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Setup and Filing UK Business Formation Private Limited Company Registration Set Up & Register UK Company for Non-Residents in London £105

Set Up & Register UK Company for Non-Residents in London £105

Register Your UK LTD Company Online With Our Simply
Companies Formation Packages for Non-UK Residents

Required steps & information to start a new company formation


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With the current option, we provide the fast company registration service for non-UK residents, and the registered address in London, at famous Baker Street! With this package you can chose a different registered office address.

We added the following features into this company formation offer for non-UK residents:



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This company formation is for non-UK residents, who are requiring register company with registered address, single alternative inspection address and director's service address. We included the appointment of our secretary who will help to file your annual confirmation statement.

We added the following features into this company registration offer for non-UK residents:



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With the option, we provide the Scottish company registration service for non-UK residents, and registered address in Scotland (Edinburgh for 1 year).

We added the following features into this Scottish company formation offer for non-UK residents:



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With the option, we provide the Irish company formation service for non-UK residents, and registered address in Northern Ireland (Belfast for 1 year).

We added the following features into this Irish company registration offer for non-UK residents:

New simple and hassle-free company formations in UK for non-UK-residents within hours

Benefits for non-UK-residents to register a private company in the UK after Brexit

In the post-Brexit, post-pandemic world we currently find ourselves living in, there has never been a wiser time to be internationally connected. If you are looking to reinforce your business brand presence by registering a UK private company limited by shares, the registration of a new UK limited company process can seem daunting for non-UK residents.

With so much to gain from the formations of a UK company for non-UK-residents but with so many hurdles to jump, it may prove beneficial to turn to professional Companies Formation Experts in London for help.

Whatever the nature of your business and wherever you are in the world, we can assist you in navigating the legal process for prompt and low-cost private UK company limited by shares registration for non-UK-residents; limiting the bureaucracy and providing the fastest register a limited company in the UK for non-residents.

With the right advice and assistance, quick register private limited company for non-residents of United Kingdom can take as little as a few hours. Our private non-resident UK clients can opt for basic digital companies registration for non-residents or bespoke low-costs company set-up packages to suit their individual businesses requirement.

We offer a wide range of rapid companies formation services for non-UK-residents to accommodate your commercial needs, from expedited registration of a company limited by shares for those with urgent formulation at low-price requirements to trademark registration and share distribution for companies limited by shares.

Express UK company registrations for non-UK-residents across the Great Britain

Efficient specialists will help to register a business company in the United Kingdom

Online low-cost UK company formations for non-UK residents: if you're not-resident of the United Kingdom, and are interested in a instant and affordable register a new company  here, Coddan offers an excellent formation services for overseas residents to handle the new efficient registration of a private company limited by shares for non-UK based clients in a number of low budget company set-up packages across the Great Britain. There are few restrictions on being able to start a new UK company formation online distant remotely from abroad, although the legal requirements that do exist can sometimes be challenging.

Coddan can help you by making use of our vast expertise and assistance to aid you with the direct UK company formations process and overcome any hurdles you might face if you wish to register a limited company simply for non-UK-residents.

We have a variety of different online cost-efficient companies formation packages to suit our overseas based customers business needs, depending on whether you wish to get a new hasty and cheap company set-up in England, Wales, or in Scotland or Northern Ireland. Our professional companies registration team can also help advice you on the best course of a value-for-money private company formation action for non-UK-residents, depending on your needs.

All of our low-priced incorporation packages for non-UK-residents come with excellent formation services as standard, including the private company maintenance services, the provision of registered office address with mail-forwarding overseas in different locations in London, Edinburgh and Belfast.

If you are a foreign resident looking to start registering a private limited company quick & easy in the UK today, there's no easier or more effective way to do it than by getting in touch with us at Coddan Companies Formation Agent in London, and letting us help you out with the finer companies registration details.

The simple online companies registration packages for non-residents start from £105 only; so get in touch now and let us help you with the fast UK company formation, which can takes 24 hours.

If you've any questions about a how to start a company formations rapidly at simple costs in the UK for people living abroad, then please get in touch with us! Mail: info@coddan.co.uk. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. If you are rushing with a new company formation, please feel free to call us between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates) and chat further.

Fast private company registrations in the UK for international clients

We can provide a registered address in London (3 different locations), in Edinburgh (2 different locations), in Belfast, and in Manchester to get your private limited company registered easily. The quality of a rapid UK company limited by shares registration services for non-residents' services and customers' satisfaction is even more important than simple sales!

Excellent tailored fast companies registration packages and extra corporate services for non-British customers provided by skilful and experienced business formations agent in London, for great client: no pie in the sky prices, no short term promotional deals, no hidden restrictions, no hidden charges, no hassle & no gimmicks!

Fast registration of a private limited companies in UK for worldwide clients: join over 200,000 owners who have used Coddan Business Formations expert as our registered agents. At Coddan our philosophy is to build the confidence & create peace of mind. Thousands of times a year, we confirm their trust & our professionalism with simple company registrations assistance for non-residents who live abroad. The United Kingdom is the exciting place to start building and grow the business and the government is very supportive of the business community.

If you are non-UK-resident and thinking of starting register a new business in the UK, you might be a little overwhelmed by the process, however, and deciding where to start can seem complicated. Coddan is the experienced UK, London based best company registrations agent. We have been in a company registration business for 20 years and in that time have established more than 200,000 private limited companies.

We therefore have the company registrations experience and expertise to guide you through the rapid UK companies registration process and make sure your business be registered quickly, properly and according to your business set up requirements.

Low-cost UK company registration services for non-UK-residents

Offer For Non-UK Residents

Coddan is ranked as one of the leading reputable business formations agent in the Great Britain for providing specialist advice to individuals, entrepreneurs and professional intermediates.

Our firm has been establishing to provide the practical guidance and qualified assistance with low-cost private company registration and running a business for non-residents. Our web-site summaries the legal same-day company registrations procedures for clients living abroad and costs associated with setting-up a direct company registrations in Great Britain and in other countries.

Distant & remoteness companies registration & extra services for non-UK-residents

Apart of a direct private limited company registrations for worldwide based clients, we can provide you full secretarial compliance, such as minutes of meeting, changing a directorship, changing share capital, file annual confirmation statements, keep your company documents at our registered address, assist with the annual accounts preparation and corporate tax return.

Sometimes, our clients require the certification of their UK registered company's documents. We can help with the certification of documents by a notary public or by solicitor, if you need, we can also certify documents by an Apostille stamp, and via Foreign Consulates or Embassies. We can help with drafting resolutions for companies registered in the UK, minutes of meetings, allotment of shares, issues of different classes of shares, etc.

Professional reasonable company registration with non-UK resident directors

Non-UK Residents

We advise our customers on the most appropriate business legal entity to suit your individual or business circumstances, so that you do not need to spend your cost-effective time to research or guess with the different options to get your UK private limited company registered promptly.

You don't need to be a UK-resident to apply for the digital & remoteness a UK limited company formation here. You can appoint your own directors, who are not residents of the UK, your company directors need to over 16 years old, and should not be undercharged bankrupts to start registering a limited company anywhere in the UK.

Fast formations with secretarial agent & legal company secretary services for non-UK-residents

Post people know that the appointment of a company secretary is optional for a private company in the UK, and many overseas residents prefer to do a company formation with one director and shareholder.

We would like to ask a simple question, if you, being not a UK resident, & want to set-up a company formation with a foreign sole director and shareholder, did you ever ready the Companies Act and the Trading Act?

These legal documents are very important, because you are looking for a easy private company registration in the UK; your business, director's duties and responsibilities are regulated by the UK law. It doesn't matter, that you are not living here, but your want an electronic company formation here.

Do you know that a foreign director of a UK company has the same duties and responsibilities as the British director? You, as a director, have the legal duties to make sure that your company is fitting the statutory commitments required by the Companies Act 2006, & a company requires keeping the corporate documents including at least five company registers at the registered office address.

If your company will have a seal, you will need to adopt such decision by a director resolution, and you should to keep the sealing register as well, keeping the correct, valid and up-to-date registers is only one such duties.

Therefore, if your company will not keep the documents, statutory required by law are the offence, a company and its director may face penalties & charges.

Why not to appoint our legal secretarial agent for a UK company formation, and our legal company secretary to help with company maintenance? Our company legal secretaries know the corporate governance and studied the law, and who will helps with all the statutory requirements?

We have years of incorporation experience behind us & have established a well-respected name and reputation. Allow us to help you with a new quick company registration and get it running; or to select the best type of business for the registrations.

We are offering to our clients a quality company formation with annual accounts preparation and corporate tax return; please call to our office to discuss your needs.

We supply a registration expert advice on navigating through the legal and business systems, helping you with to start a greatly private company registration in the UK our in the Republic of Ireland. Our expert knowledge and extensive experience of distant private limited company registration has made us possible to provide the professional, prompt, and efficient service.

Expeditious formations and registrations with HMRC for non-UK-residents

We can also assist if you will need to be registered for corporation tax, or if you need be VAT registered in the UK, and need to have the EORI number. Please note, if you need to receive the VAT and/or EORI registration numbers, the HMRC will need to know who represents your company, because a director is not the UK resident, and where your VAT related documents and bookkeeping records are kept.

You can appoint us as your UK tax representative and your accountants, so we can keep and maintain the records at our office, which can be available for the inspection, if the HMRC officers will ask to check.

For the rapid limited company registration for overseas residents we are charging only £105.00, our price included the government charges, the provision of the registered office address service. If you are interesting with additional services, please open our on-line rapid formations application and check what extra services you can add to your order.

Basic promptly private company registration package for non-UK-residents

Our basic elementary company registrations package includes all the fundamental cornerstones of the affordable UK company formation, which you will need to complete to legally register a UK company as a non-resident.

Non-UK resident banking options made simple

We have extensive knowledge of the numerous issues non-UK residents often encounter when trying to obtain UK business banking facilities which are crucial. Therefore, we can offer the following tried and tested options to our private clients.

Wise UK business account for non-UK-residents

We offer a free referral to Wise business banking. Wise offers fast and trusted business banking solutions for non-UK residents. Wise makes international business banking possible for non-UK residents in a fast and fuss-free manner, allowing you to send and receive money to over seventy countries in over fifty currencies. After your company is formed using our website, we will send you a link to create your business account, and you will receive your UK bank sort code and account number.

Apostilled document service for non-UK-residents

An apostille document is an alternative option that some non-UK residents use to open a bank account for their company. It requires opening an account in your own country of residence as opposed to in the UK. However, a foreign bank will usually require you to legalize or "apostille" your UK company documents which will result in legal acceptance to all parties in the Hague Convention. Our apostilled documents service can be added to any of our convenient company formations package on our checkout page.

Complete services available to you as a non-UK resident client

We offer a complete range of additional, tailored services aside from our basic favourable company formation package, which may prove to be advantageous for you and your company. These additional choices give you the freedom to customize, putting you in control of your package, and it allows you to choose the additional chargeable formations services which will work best for you.

Chose an expedited private company registration which can take hours rather than days. This option has proved to be extremely popular for many of our clients.

  • Register a company with your own share capital.
  • Apply for a company with different classes of shares.
  • You will get a company formation with one of our registered office addresses.

The standard registered address in Baker Street, London is included; although the client can amend the standard office address to any of the following should they wish: London West End, Strand or City or other addresses throughout the UK including Manchester, Edinburgh or Belfast.

Other optional helpful company formation services include the ability to protect your director and shareholder home address by using our director and shareholder service address. You may also apply for VAT & EORI numbers, order company registers and printed and bound copies of your company documents.

It may be appropriate for you to opt for trademark registration or to add a company seal or stamp to your order, in which case we can accommodate your needs. Other alternatives include adding the shareholder's agreement and director service contract and certification of documents by an Apostille stamp by Foreign Conciliates or Embassies.

Frequently asked questions about easy formations

Do I have to live in the UK to register a limited company?

It is not necessary to live in the UK. You can start quick UK company formation from anywhere in the world. It is necessary to have one director and one shareholder (the same person can perform both positions), and your company must have a registered office address in the UK. This is included in our basic package.

Will company correspondence be sent to me?

All of your business correspondence will be sent to you no matter where you are situated on earth. Registered office address and service address mail will be scanned and emailed to you, free of charge. General business mail will be forwarded at the cost of Royal Mail standard international postage plus a 15% handling fee.

What is the Confirmation Statement?

The confirmation statement is a document that is submitted annually, providing Companies House with up to date information about your company. This package includes the preparation and filing of your first confirmation statement.

Why do I need to supply proof of ID?

UK law dictates that we have a legal requirement to verify proof of ID and other documentation where necessary. This is a standard operating procedure for a UK's company formation and a very straightforward process.

How much will company renewal service costs me after the first year?

This will depend upon the type of a UK's company formations package or tailored additions you have chosen for your business. We offer a wide variety of rapidly company registrations options in order to give each of our clients the best possible registration service.

Why should you use our formations service?

We have a proven track record and years of valuable experience at our disposal. We understand UK law, business and are professionally equipped to navigate our clients through what can often be a confusing set of rules and regulations, particularly to non-UK residents.

New company formation in the UK is crucial to international businesses, and we can ensure that the process is quick, affordable and professional. We operate in London, at the heart of British commerce and understand the needs and motivations of our clientele. We offer a simple, honest set of UK's company formation solutions to all those non-UK residents who wish to set-up a private limited company formation in the UK.