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Legal Requirements to Open a UK Establishment

Legal requirements to register a UK establishment

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Legal requirements to open a UK establishment: there a few legal obligations that must be observed when setting-up an establishment in the United Kingdom. These are mainly to do with the documents required to complete the registration, and the immediacy with which a parent company must send a copy of its latest accounts to Companies House. Other necessary requirements are to do with the way a company displays its information in the Great Britain, at its premises, in written correspondence and online.

Failure to observe the necessary legal requirements to open your establishment will inevitably result in your application being delayed or rejected. The best way to make sure that you remain on the right side of law is to consult the experts on forming your establishment.

Here at Coddan, we have many years of incorporation experience and know the most efficient procedures to get you registered and the expansion of your business as fast as possible.

Within one month of having opened your establishment, your limited company must have provided Companies House with your completed registration application form. If this is the first establishment to be opened and registered by your main company, the company will also have to provide some extra, supporting documentation. These will include translations of the documents if they are written in a language other than English and the company charter and statute.

The latest private company accounts, which will ideally be sent at the same time, must either be filed in accordance with the parent law, or when no parent law governing accounts exists, in accordance with IAS.

Naturally, with such a lot of paperwork, there are many opportunities for errors to be made and the application to be delayed. Outsourcing your registration requirements to experts like Coddan, who can guide you simply through every step of the process, will ultimately save you money in the long run.

Naming your establishment is also an important consideration and must comply with law. You can either use its corporate name, or you can give it an alternative name, which will then be treated legally as its company's corporate name in its records.

This name must be displayed on a sign at the premises and also be included in the business address. The sign must be visible to visitors in and out of business hours. As well as at the premises, this name must be included on all official corporate documentation, stationery and website.

Once your application to open your establishment has been accepted, you must notify Companies House of any changes to your registration details within 21 days of the changes occurring. This includes changes to the name, address or business dealings of your UK establishment.

Our professional and friendly team at Coddan has a great understanding of the potential pitfalls that may delay a registration, which is why we provide an excellent standard of customer service to guide you through the process step by step.

We provide a high level of customer satisfaction and we're ready to help you with your establishment application.