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Having setting up a UK company as a non-resident has never been easier on the Registrars of Companies (Roc) Recordsː

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Choose Us as Your Company Registered Expert

Reasons why you should trust & choose Coddan as your corporate service provider

Choose Us as Your Corporate Service Provider

Reasons why you can trust & choose Coddan as your corporate service provider: doing a search on Internet, you may find a couple of hundreds websites, who are offering you companies formation services, and you may ask a logical question, why am I need to stop my search and choose the Coddan as my incorporation service provider? We are ready to answer such question and give you some reasons below, and then you are free with the decision – can we serve and cover your business needs, or not.

High level of experience and expertise: Coddan has always practiced solely in the field of UK and offshore companies, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships and non-profit companies registration. By specializing in this area of law alone, we believe that we can provide you with the specific knowledge of law and practice that is required to help resolve the issue with which you're faced. 

With us, as your registered expert, you can register a limited company with the shareholders agreement, setting-up a private company with a bank account, establish a company with the trademark registration, register a business name, reserve a company name, incorporate a holding company, form a joint venture company, and much more ...

Not a call centre: we carry out face-to-face meetings and consultations allowing for a personal approach and building of relationships. We offer high quality support from secretarial, bookkeeping & accounts and admin staff.

Experience: with over ten years relevant experience, it's very possible that we have come across the type of problem you want us to help you resolve. We can help you by answering your questions via e-mails, post or by telephone, or, if you are local to London or you have a plan to visit London, please phone us to make an appointment.

Geography: our main office located at the Baker Street in London; our companies' registration services cover the whole of the United Kingdom, Ireland, and fifteen offshore countries. We are skilled in the regional variations, including the different corporate and business laws and benefit systems. The best way to set up a UK limited company is to complete application for Companies House through an approved online do company formation agent․

Very cost effective incorporation solution: being based in London, our prices are not higher than other registration experts, who are basing outside of City Capital. Our incorporation fees are real, we do not hide any additional costs, we do not force up any kind of additional services, our service packages are clear and we do not use any kind of tricks.

Independent: many similar companies are reselling a third party services, but we do not, placing an order with us, you will receive high-quality service form the first hands. We can also assist you to provide requested any kind of additional services, such as notaries and apostille legalisation, data protection, PAYE, VAT registration, filing an annual return and annual accountancy preparation and filing it with the Companies House and HM Revenue & Custom Service, provision of a registered office addresses services for customers who registered their companies with us, and for those clients who registered their companies with other formation experts.

Flexible: our system can be tailored to your specific incorporation needs i.e. using your own memorandum and articles of association, setting default company officers and registered office addresses.

Setting defaults will minimise data input. All documents are completed automatically using the information that you have entered. Information is only required to be entered once only.

All companies can be formed with the intended directors, secretaries and shareholders as the first company officers thereby eliminating the need to change these after incorporation.

Being your representative: we can ensure that your business maintains a sensible dialogue with the tax authorities and that it can protect its position going forward.

Our dedication to extraordinary tax & accounting preparation and Inland Revenue and HM Revenue & Custom Service representation services encompassed with a strong on going desire to protect the confidential nature of all of the informational documentation entrusted to us, has lead us to this exact place.

Old-style companies' registration: we appreciate that not everyone likes to place orders over the Internet that is why we are happy to take orders via the e-mail and by post or fax; though we prefer to have the order in writing to avoid any possibility of errors or omissions.

With the old-style paper forms registration you may enjoy with the following benefits:

  • We may register a company in 1-24 working hours or we may still apply for a same-day registration
  • We may register your company with our standard or non-standard memorandum and articles of association
  • We may add your logo to the memorandum and articles of association, so Companies House will have your memorandum and articles with your logo on their database
  • We may use special or specific fonts for your memorandum and articles of association
  • Your limited company subscribers (shareholders) needs to sign the memorandum and articles of association, and their signatures will be in the Companies House' records
  • With this paper forms filing service, we can register a private company and use specific accents, signs or punctuation (À, Á, Ä, È, É, Ë, Ï, Ñ, Ó, Ö, Ú, Ü, etc.).

To avoid any potential problems in the future, we strongly suggested that we need to check a suggested company name with the Trademark and Patent office. We are happy to help and advise you on both UK and overseas trademark applications.