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Register as a UK establishment: if you're looking to expand your business into the United Kingdom, one of the simplest ways to do this is by opening the British establishment. This establishment will not be viewed as an independent entity, but rather as the  branch or place of business of a larger overseas parent company.

There are a few benefits to registering a UK establishment over the option of setting up a subsidiary company. There is less administration involved, particularly when filing accounts, and also the possibility of paying less corporation tax. It is not necessarily governed by law, but instead by the parent law. That said, the accounts of the parent company must be filed with Companies House.

In order for your establishment to start trading, your limited company must register it with the Registrar of Companies. Following this you will need to register it with Companies House. This registration process will require you to fill in an extensive application form and include with it the correct private company documents, with translations into English if appropriate.

To be submitted along with the above, you must also send a copy of your firm's latest accounts in a format that is compliant with the law of the country in which your organisation is registered. Failing that, your accounts must meet international accounting standards (IAS) These forms are only required for the first establishment of a parent company to be set up. Consequent establishments can be referred to the first set of paperwork.

As well as the registration requirements, there are other trading terms that establishments have to observe in order to conduct their business activities legally in the Great Britain.

The name given to an establishment, if it's not the name of the parent company, will become its recognised corporate name in all UK dealings. It must be displayed prominently at the location of the offices, as well as on all websites and written correspondence. There is a wealth of in-depth legal tips that we can give you to ensure that you are not liable for anything and we are happy to advise our customers on such matters.

Working within the English legal system, when you are not native to the UK, or even necessarily resident there, can be confusing to say the least. This is why Coddan is offering to help you with registration of your establishment in the United Kingdom. We are a respected partner of Companies House and work in conjunction with them. It is our aim to make the process as simple as possible.

Given our many years of experience, we have a professional and highly-trained team, who are waiting to take your call. Our skilled staff-members will be able to explain the process effectively to you and instruct you clearly on the steps you have to take to complete the registration.

Using our services and competitively-priced registration packages will ensure that you won't make the form-filling errors that delays the applications of so many companies. Let us give you an overview of the savings you can make today. Please give us a call.