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Requirements to Have a Legal Address for Business

The requirements to have a registered address in registering a business

UK Establishment in Forming a Business

The requirements to have a legal address for your business: starting a business can be a daunting process; and the same can be said for the process of altering the structure of an established business. Whether you are registering your activities as a sole trader, a limited company or if you are restructuring your corporate format, Coddan can help you.

To open your business as a private company you must submit the articles of association that will set out the business plan and the company's rules and regulations.

When incorporating with Coddan, the minimum legal requirements of the application include the business name, a registered address, the applicant's personal information and a list of all members with the number of shares each one owns.

It is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom that all businesses are registered at a physical location within the country. It does not have to be the place where you conduct your business but it must be able to have mail delivered to it.

Should someone write asking to know the details of the registered office address you must reply within 5 working days. You are allowed to change your domiciled address but it must be in the same area as the initial application - if you set up your business within England and Wales, you must keep your registered offices in this region.

All organisations with limited liability that are registered in the UK must have a legal address. A domiciled address is the one of the basic legal requirements and you will not be able to submit the articles of association without one. There are major benefits that come with setting-up your entity as a private limited company.

Private limited companies are legal entities in their own right. The only assets that are therefore available to creditors are the ones that are legally owned by the company and not the person who registered it. This separate legal existence is a major advantage that is not enjoyed by those who are sole traders or partnerships. As a separate legal entity the company will not be dissolved on the death, bankruptcy or resignation of a partner / shareholder as would happen in a partnership.

As of the 2006 Companies Act, an overseas company that wishes to register a business within the UK must follow the regime of the establishment registration (formerly known as branch registration). The names and addresses for each establishment must be made available for people to find as required.

Each establishment must display the following: the name in which the establishment carries out business, this can be different from that of the parent company but must be relevant to the United Kingdom; the registered address of the business and the date that it opened (for details of registered address, please see above); the type of business that the establishment carries out and services performed and it must also provide information on whether another establishment has been closed.