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5 Steps for to e-Registry’ of a Limited Company’s on the Registrars of Companies (Roc) Recordsː

Step 1
Search for a business name
Step 2
Choose and obtain the bundle
Step 3
Fill up into e-filing form
Step 4
Submit onto web e-app
Step 5
Get it filed on a public records lists
Get to Obtain (UK) Business Formation Private Limited Company Registration Reserve a Company or Business Name Online From - £49․99

Reserve a Company or Business Name Online From - £49․99

A Registry of Companies (“Registrars”) Records and is update of a business data for on a new and of existing private limited liability enterprise at in registers search records.

Setting-Up your Limited Company is the first step you have need to take is before you get start up and run your business and making money.

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You can reserve a company name by registering a private company limited by shares in the UK. For £49.99 per year, Coddan will complete the required paperwork, submit it to Companies House and within 24 hours, your company name is reserved. Coddan will then transfer it to the owner for £24.99 once trading commences.

The following document will be sending via e-mail upon the reservation of a company name:



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You can reserve a business name by setting up an unlimited company. For £245.00 per year, Coddan will complete the required forms, and submit them to Companies House, and within 15 days, the unlimited company name is reserved.

Coddan will then transfer it to the owner for £24.99 once trading or business commences. The following document will be sending by post upon the reservation of an unlimited company name:



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You can reserve a business name by establishing a private company limited by guarantee. For £59.99 per year, Coddan will complete the required forms, and submit them to Companies House, and within 24 hours, the non-profit business name for a company limited by guarantee is reserved.

Coddan will then transfer a non-profit company to the owner for £24.99 once trading or business commences. The following document will be sending via e-mail upon reservation of a non-profitable business name:



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You can reserve a company name by forming a public limited company. For £195.00 per year, Coddan will complete the required forms, and submit them to Companies House, and within 24 hours, the public company limited by shares name is reserved.

Coddan will then transfer a PLC to the owner for £24.99 once trading or business commences. The following document will be sending via e-mail upon reservation of a public company name:

The registrar of Companies for England and Wales is based at Companies House, Cardiff, and is responsible for the registration of companies in England and Wales․

Company name reservation service

Use our job to work for a Public Interest works at an official formal fill out in to Registry your Business Company’s as the Companies Formation Agency in one working day․ It isnʼt possible to have an enterprise with the same name as another reservation, so if you know that you want to secure and reserve a company name reservation within a few years or less, but are not yet ready, Coddan offers a service that ensures the reservation of a company name on-line. Companies incorporation as a limited by shares (whether ‘private’ or ‘public’) must to complete a statement of capital and initial shareholdings as at a part of the formation․ When a party wants to incorporate a company, it can either form fill in a bespoke company pursuant to the provision of the Companies Act 2006 (C.A. 2006)․ By choosing to register at online, at online software will guide you through a version of the first document you will need to complete, use at e-Form IN01 app Form. On our Web-Incorporation of a Corporate Companies Platform you will need to On-Line fill’d out the “FORM IN01” Application Form from bestow at home or from office via the Internet․

Initial registration to set out in is required, as well as annual filling in the UK (ie, financial statements of the company before the Public Registry and the Tax Authority)․ To reserve your company name with us costs £49․99 per year. However, once you decide to trade using the reserved legal structure, we will transfer it to you for £24.99. Reserving a company name with us is a simple process - once the payment is made, we will request your chosen name to be reserved, we will complete the application and submit it to Companies Registry. For to register Your Business corporation enterprise in the UK on Internet by the formal registrar or authenticated by for to the Registrar’s of Companies official seal․ Business formation documents are the root key pieces of documentation issued after the effectual registration of a new limited company on-line․

We do provide the full line of professional helpline service and the complete a top expert customer support of your incorporate business formation on on-web on-line service․ If youʼve any questions about the company name reservation then please get in touch with us! Mail: info@coddan.co.uk. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. If you are rushing please feel free to call us between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning support-line + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates) and chat further. Anyone can find out see Coddan Business Name listed and shown to public as registered agency service provider onto Regulatory Clerk’s on web-site into .Gov.UK.

How to reserve a company name?

Secure & reserve a company name for your business with us

The UK system of business name registration does not allow company a name to be reserved unless it is fixed to a fully incorporated private limited company․ This means that simply reserving a company name will not secure it․ Your LTD’ appropriate a Formal Business Address is must to be filled in and a duly-registered on the Registrar of Companies records and with the HMRC report as well․ If you register your company on-line, you don’t need to write fill out your own ‘articles-of-association’, its will be created automatically filled as part of your registration․ We can fill out a private limited company - register it with Registry of Companies and rules on directors, shares, articles of association and telling on HMRC about it․

Coddanʼs team can safeguard your companyʼs name reservation․ Our trained consultants effectively register a private company on your behalf, using members of our team as a director and shareholder, until the time comes that you wish to either start trading, or release the name․ The sets out and the filling in on-line of your Limited Liability’s Company’s at on the setting out fill in the forth over the Internet at on the Registry of UK’s Companies records․ At the end of an financial period, Limited Companies must make of a Corporation tax return and Company’s IXBRL Accounts to HMRC full do on set forth․

The costs of reserving a company name - for justː £49․99 per year, we will ensure that your company name is reserved and that the organisation with its certificates of incorporation and the registered name is available to be transferred to you as soon as you wish to begin trading․ We’re do register of an LTD Companies’ via by on using the On-Line Filling process is for by at submitting of a LTD’s Companies’ electronic is for to get of your business fill-in documents are to be filling-on and get registered․ The majority of historic business and trade records in the UK are held by local record offices, use the find out an archive tool to find contact details of archives․

Reserving a company name with all types of entities: our “reserve a company name” service is available for all types of entities, whether public or private, limited by shares or a company limited by guarantee․ Fill out and use a uninvolved and clear the formal application for finish of a “Limited Company Set-Up” under on replacement hardcopy documents to be get formed․ Forming a «Ltd» company is about an exciting time for anyone, with over the years, in the UK authorities have made it easier ways than ever is to open a LTD company’s․ First up is limited liability — yes, you can do by greatly reduce your personal financial risk if you have done trade through of as a limited company is sets forth register․

Choices prior to expiry date: before the year expires, we will send you one e-mail reminder per week for three weeks, so that you can decide to either secure it for another year, transfer it to yourself for trading purposes, or release it․ For any further business help support contact Coddan’ Customer Helpline Support Business Help’s Desk contact us today or tomorrow for to get a top workforce advice․ We help limited companies with expert advice and support in forming their business entities, we can to help you to choose the best type of a business entity․ The main purpose of Companies Registry (the ‘Registrar’) is to incorporate (’register’) and set out in “Limited Companies” official form in registrars set forth in UK․

All private limited by shares companies are must to be of a legally set-up registries at Companies House records, the official Registrar of Companies in the UK. The information you will find out on Britain’s National registration records, the information you will do need registry’s with to order registration records set forth forthwith․ All limited liability companies, whether they’ve trade or not, will must deliver its annual accounts and its a 1 confirmation statement to Companies Registry on each year․ If you do not renew it in time, following the reminders, you will lose the right to that name upon expiry․ Sole traders can also obtain their company name: no significant transactions of a trading or financial basis can take place through the registered firm, so it is a great way in which a sole trader or an ordinary partnership can ensure their own company name reservation remains unique․ If you would like us to purchase your company name, please call us today on +44 (0) 207․935․5171․

Coddan offers a company name reservation in the UK in 1 hour - just from £49․99․

Company name reservation, secure a company name online

London limited companies are will to be get register with on Companies House’s Registrar at in London and in HMRC. All UK’s limited companies are will to be get register with on Companies House’s Registrar at in England and Wales and in HMRC. We can help you to reserve a company name, via a private limited company formation, LLP or a non-profit company registration, to check our offers, please read our company name reservation packages above․ We simply put on and easy sets forth a limited company which is create is for to make out up a profit with into for the Registry of Companies Register records․ For to register of your company, you will need to register an official address and to choose of a SIC code, this is identifies is what your limited company does․ As your limited company is now get its own legal entity, you will have need create its own separate Government Gateway for with identification and a password․

Well-informed entrepreneurs avoid disappointment by reserving a company names early․ Creating a relevant, easily understood company name is a challenging task when setting up a business․ Therefore, once an appropriate name has been chosen, it should be secured & reserved to avoid losing it to another company․ Coddan is the London's based company formation expert offers prospective business owners to “reserve a company name” service․ Every new corporate business in the UK is do must to be register with at on His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and with at on the Registrar of Companies records. Set Up your company with a premium registered office address in London and instantly add-on credibility and prestige to build your brand. It is a legal require for all UK companies are to provide is a registered office address, this location is will to be serve as the official address for to get all correspondence. UK law dictates that both the registered office address and a director’s service address are required, both is and to be displayed on the central public register.

For £49.99 per year, we will complete the required paperwork, submit it to Companies Registry and within 24 hours, the company name is reserved. With us, you can obtain a company name for a private company limited by shares, company limited by guarantee, public company or for an LLP․ Incorporate a UK limited company꞉ Limited Company formation is one of over the most rapid and on direct ways to set up a business entity with in the UK․ In a company limited by shares the liability is do capped to the value of the shares the shareholder has agreed to buy when the liability company is get set up․

Why to use Coddan to secure & reserve a company name?

UK company name reservation online

The company name you select is an important decision․ Think of Ford, Google, or Boots - all successful brands with memorable snappy names․ Shorter names are not only easy for customers to remember, they also have the advantage of using less space when logos are designed and need to be implemented on stationery, signs and in advertising․

Maybe you feel a descriptive name would attract more customers․ If you are a takeaway, having a name like Google is not exactly going to tell people what you offer․ Pizza Perfection might have more impact․

Whatever name you choose for whatever reason Coddan can protect the company name you want to trade under․ We register your chosen company name with Companies Registry and then take care of all the statutory obligations and responsibilities of owning a company․ Registering a Limited Company with at HMRC is easy enough - simply set yourself up registering fill in the account at HMRC and you’re good to go․

Some people find the name they would like has already been taken․ However, there are ways of tackling this․ For example, if the companyʼ name ABC Cars Limited has already been taken, why not consider ABC Cars Import & Export (UK) Ltd․

Two things to bear in mindː Companies Registry is averse to reserving a company names that could be thought of as offensive; and there is a list of sensitive company name words like “school” or “architect” for which permission from an appropriate regulatory body is required․

Coddanʼs  offers to reserve a company name service is useful if you are thinking of starting your own business in the future and donʼt want to lose your proposed company name to someone else․ It could also be important if you are trading under a business name as a sole trader or partnership, or you need a non-trading or dormant company․

The firm will then be formed within 24 hours, although most of the company formations are completed on the same-day․

Peopleʼ reasons for wanting to secure & reserve a company name are many and varied but for some they include the fact that the purchase of a company under the “reserve a company name” service implies no trading of any sort is undertaken in the name you wish to obtain․ That isː no significant accounting transactions will take place during the financial year until the nominee officers and shareholders have been replaced․

We can do register the company full on-line total is by get using our own in on-Web-Based Software is for the filling compile All Companies Registered via by Internet System Solutions․ We do embody register a company information and do make it available to the public records&;4288; use this service is to fill certain documents online instead of go posting a paper form․ Our all-in-a-one place go array the registration by Software-Filling Stacked System is will do allows you to quickly and easily do to develop your own business on-line and start trade transacted selling online in just a 1 workday only․ We do have the software which is do allows you to adopt/upload your-own specific ‘Articles of Associations’ to your business or alternatively use the bespoke articles we do provide to․

Secure & reserve a company name with us․

It is not possible to have more than one entity with the same name, so if you are thinking of starting your own business, but are not quite ready, you make sure no-one else takes the name you want by reserving that name yourself․

If you are running a business as a sole trader or partnership, reserving the name makes certain that a company does not set up with the same name as your private company or a partnership․ At Coddan, we will send you reminders - once a week for three weeks - prior to expiry each year․ Failure to renew in time means the loss of the right to that company name․

Because the company or an LLP will be incorporated using our registered office address and we will act as director and shareholder you donʼt have to worry about the responsibilities of owning a firm․

Our assistance includes all services, registered office service and the filling on of the annual return and dormant accounts each year․ While we hold the company for you, you will not be able to make any changes to it․ You will get a copy of the incorporation certificate for reference only․

If you no longer want to reserve a company name just let us know and we will take ownership of the corporation or a partnership and deal with it for you․ The “obtain a business name” service is available for all types of companiesː limited by shares, limited by guarantee, limited liability partnership and public company limited by shares (PLC)․

You can still trade as a sole trader while using this service․ It will have no impact on your existing business until you pay the entity transfer fee and the business is in your name․

In the meantime the Coddan incorporation team will act as a director and shareholder until youʼre ready to have the company transferred to you․ This gives you the confidence of knowing that you do not have to deal with the responsibilities of owning a company until you are absolutely ready․ Customers can get support from a team of Corporate Guides a top leading experts in a company formations, formation services to help with a company formation assistance․ Contact the government’s listed agency for the Business Support Helpline for to get find further information, get a free advice from our support team in the UK․